10 cars more British than the five o’clock tea (Part2)

21 Jun


Morgan F-Super (1947)

This “adult toy” is without doubt one of the best three-wheeled cars in history. In this case, it was the first model launched by Morgan once the Second World War ended in 1945. And just the interesting thing about it is the perfection of British craftsmanship in details such as carving of wood or its careful panels, a delicacy immune to the passage of time.

Land Rover Defender (1983)

Making an SUV whose design does not fall into excess is not easy. That is why the majesty of Land Rover Defender is that everything in it is simple and therefore intelligent. There are no expendable elements, but everything is designed to help you reach the most inaccessible places you can imagine. Reason for which, it was very demanded by security bodies and farmers who ended up being delighted with its use. In addition, we recognize that our love is also due to the roots he left in our country.

McLaren F1 (1992)

The supercar of the Woking brand, would also occupy a place in the list of the most spectacular cars of the 90s. Its launch with V12 engine of 635CV temporarily crowned it as the fastest production car in the world (maximum speed: 386 km / h). It is a superlative car in all its aspects (also of price) that put on the international map the talent of the designer Gordon Murray.

Lotus Esprit Series 1 (1975)

Fairly ahead of its time, the Lotus Esprit, like the DB5 owes much of its fame to the 007 film, The Spy That Loved Me. But it would be unfair to take away the merits of the car itself, because it has them to spare. And is that despite having a relatively low power engine (four-cylinder engine in line and 160 HP), being so light weight, was able to shoot as if it were a rocket.

Bentley Mark VI (1946)

Just after the war, the Bentley Mark VI emerged from the synergies between Bentley and Rolls Royce. It was therefore evident that only something interesting and luxurious could arise from that. So it was. Although at first his appearance could be defined as conservative, the truth is that the Mark VI also had a sporting personality without sacrificing any hint of British class and refinement. Reason why its relevance does not go out of fashion, and is that anecdotally is one of the most popular classic cars for weddings.