10 curious facts about cars that maybe you did not know

14 Nov

The world of the automobile has been with us for more than a century and has left behind it many facts that have marked in history.

The hypnosis of the road

Have you ever forgotten about the places you have driven on a journey, whether routine or not? This phenomenon is known as “The hypnosis of the road.” So called the mental state in which a person drives the car in an “automaton” way reacting to all external events in a normal way but without the memory of having done it consciously. This usually happens more on long journeys by road, in which a monotonous driving reigns.

Cruise control

The man who invented “cruise control” (system that limits the speed of the car and that makes the car maintain a constant speed) was blind. This is Ralph Teetor, an engineer who patented this system in 1945 because of the discomfort he had with his lawyer in the car, who braked and accelerated continuously while talking.

Record of kilometers

The record of kilometers accumulated was a total of 4,586,630 km. The miraculous machine of the 60s that holds this world record is a Volvo P1800 that mounts a simple but at the same time highly reliable engine of 100 HP with two carburetors. The proud owner of this car that has gone down in history was 71-year-old Irv Gordon.

The first fine for speeding

In 1896, an agent imposed the first traffic fine for speeding. Walter Arnold was the owner of a Karl Benz driving through his town in the United Kingdom, when he exceeded the maximum allowed speed limit. It exceeded the limit of the road that was at 2 mph (3.21 km / h) circulating at 8 mph (13 km / h). The fine Arnold received was one shilling, which today would have an equivalent of about 60 pounds (€ 73).

Safety belt

The Swedish manufacturer Volvo made the patent of the three-point belts openly and free of charge so that all the other brands of automobiles included their invention with the intention of improving safety on the roads. The safety belt saves one life every 6 minutes.

42 seconds

That’s the record in changing the engine of a Ford Escort and replacing it with another. The protagonists of this feat were a team of Marines from the Army of Great Britain.

The smell

The smell of “new car” is composed of more than 50 volatile organic compounds. Fortunately, none of these is toxic.

The highest fine for speeding

The highest fine for speeding took place in Sweden. The amount of this fine amounted to $ 1 million. The offender was a man of 37 years for exceeding the speed limit of roads in Sweden in more than 2.5 times, reaching a speed of 300 km / h. The car with which he committed the infraction was a Mercedes SLS AMG with a 6.0 l engine with enough power to reach those speeds.

The dashboard

The dashboard was originally a piece of wood integrated into the front of the horse carriage that prevented the splashing of mud, product of the trot of horses, to reach the driver.

In a chain

The first car to be produced in a chain was the Ford Model T. Its production started in 1908 and ended in 1927.