Everything you need to know to have an eternal diesel engine

29 Jun


Today, the latest generation diesel engines include so many technologies that a single failure or breakdown can even exceed € 3,500. But calm because with these simple tricks you will be able to avoid many dislikes.

1. Never leave maintenance

Check the maintenance book of your vehicle to know when you have to perform the next revision or what type of oil or spare parts you should use. Respect the deadlines and always use spare parts that have appropriate specifications to your car, because otherwise the chances of suffering a breakdown are much higher.

2. Do not suddenly turn off the engine

It is not recommended that you stop the engine if during the last 5-10 minutes you have been driving on a motorway or have climbed a mountain pass. In such cases, if you turn off the engine quickly, the oil can accumulate in the turbine and due to the heat generated it can carbonize, which could break the turbo.

3. Never max out the fuel tank

It is important to refuel before the fuel level needle goes down to at least a quarter of the tank. The impurities of the fuel can accumulate in the bottom or even reach the feeding system, being able to damage the injectors or the pump.

4. Do not rest if…

If when you go to take fuel you see that at the gas station there is a tank truck filling your tanks, it is best to turn around and leave, because it is most likely that your car will get particles of impurities or moisture, from the fuel from the tanks, which has just been removed.

5. Monitor the oil level

It is essential to have good control of the engine oil level. A very low level can cause faults in the turbo or even in the engine itself. For its part, carry more oil in the tank than recommended, can also damage the turbo or burst some hose due to increased pressure.

6. Wait for the engine to warm up

If the engine is cold, it is best to wait for 10 seconds at idle before starting to circulate, especially in winter since the car is colder. With this, you will make sure that the oil pump has had enough time as so that the oil has begun to lubricate the entire engine.

7. Bleed the diesel filter

In case you did not know, the diesel filter has a system to filter the moisture contained in the fuel. Without this filter, the humidity could reach the injection system and, as we have seen before, it could even break the injection pump or the injectors.

8. Replaces the diesel filter

It is important to change the diesel filter every 60,000 kilos at most. This will reduce the chances of impurities or particles entering the injection system.

9. Beware of revolutions

Circular with the diesel engine below 2,000 rpm can cause serious problems in the medium and long term. On the one hand, more char is generated during combustion and the life of the EGR valve (a system that re-introduces part of the exhaust gases in the cylinders to complete its combustion) of the catalyst is shortened.

10 Do not refuel only biodiesel

It seems to indicate that biodiesel contains more moisture than diesel, something that increases the risk of faults in the injection system, however, biodiesel is not bad and, today in In fact, some brands such as Volkswagen, BMW or Subaru prohibit the use of biodiesel in their cars since their engines are not optimized for this fuel.