Updated Range Rover and Range Rover Sport: Ingenium anniversary diesel engine

17 Jul

This year, Range Rover celebrates its 50th anniversary. By the round date, the flagship SUV and its younger brother with the Sport prefix received an Ingenium in-line 6-cylinder diesel engine with power from 249 to 350 hp, which will replace the V6 and V8 diesels.

The debut of the new diesel engine in 2020 is an event, because many manufacturers, under the onslaught of difficult environmental requirements, abandon this type of engine (for example, Porsche, Volvo, Honda, Subaru). The 3-liter Ingenium diesel engine, of course, complies with the current Euro 6d-Final standards, but for this I had to use the whole arsenal of modern “treatment facilities”, which in a sense can be attributed to a hybrid 48-volt superstructure: the starter-generator connected to the crankshaft helps diesel engine when starting and intense acceleration, and therefore allows you to burn a little less fuel and throw a little less harmful substances into the atmosphere.

The design features of the new motor also include an aluminum block, two successive tube compressors and an injection pressure of 2500 bar. The manufacturer has not yet disclosed other technical details, but the transition to in-line architecture is most likely connected with the modularity of the architecture of Ingenium engines (it allows to reduce production costs) and the convenience of installing a bulky exhaust gas purification system. For this reason, Daimler also recently returned to in-line 6-cylinder engines.

There are three versions of the new diesel engine: the D250 with a return of 246 hp. and 600 Nm, D300 – 300 hp and 650 Nm, D350 – 350 hp, 700 Nm. They will replace the diesel engines 3.0 liter V6 (249-306 hp, 600-700 Nm) and 4.4 liter V8 (339 hp, 740 Nm).

It turns out that the D350 version surpasses the previous V8 in return, while the new motor is 80 kg lighter. Being installed on Range Rover Sport, the most powerful Ingenium emits 238 g of CO2 per 100 km of run compared to 275 g / km of an SUV with a V8 diesel engine, the average passport fuel consumption decreased from 10.5 to 9.1 l / 100 km, acceleration time to 100 km / h decreased from 7.2 to 6.9 s. Land Rover Range Rover – A Car With A Great History

In addition to the new diesel, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport received a smoother multimedia system with standard support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone interfaces, and the anniversary theme is reflected in special versions – three for each model.

The most “frontal” – limited Fifty (1970 units in honor of the model year) for Range Rover, with engraved strokes in the cabin Jerry McGovern, Land Rover chief designer, a golden exterior instead of chrome, 22-inch wheels of a special design and three exclusive body colors to choose from. The SVAutobiography Dynamic Black version of the flagship SUV includes the top-end 565-horsepower V8 petrol, glossy black exterior decor and armchairs upholstered in black aniline perforated leather. The Westminster version includes deep tinted rear windows, suede and veneer trim, a panoramic sunroof, Meridian audio system and 21-inch wheels.

For the Range Rover Sport, silver versions have been prepared (“shaded” exterior trim, panoramic roof without sunroof, Meridian audio system, 21-inch wheels), Dynamic Black (black body and interior decor, highly tinted rear windows, panoramic roof without sunroof, Meridian audio system, 21-inch wheels with a black glossy finish) and Carbon Edition (the top 575-horsepower V8, carbon inserts on the hood and in the front, carbon inserts in the cabin, 22-inch wheels with a black glossy finish).

So, the anniversary is celebrated without much scope, that is, cosmetically, because for the first coronavirus six months, sales of Land Rover cars in the world fell by 29% to 127,116 units. But even before the “cove” things were going so-so, so the company even had to cancel the release of a three-door based on Range Rover, developed for the 70th anniversary of the Land Rover brand. But the “fallen banner”, fortunately, was picked up by Bas van Roomen body shop from the Netherlands: now it also makes these same three-doors, or rather “cuts” five-doors.