Alfa Romeo B-Tech: the Stelvio, Giulia and Giulietta win technology

28 Sep


It is well known that Alfa Romeo cars conquer for their unmistakable design and dynamic capabilities. But these values ​​are no longer definitive for someone to end up buying a car of your brand. Customers demand that their vehicles are state-of-the-art in technology, both security and connectivity. And this is where the new Alfa Romeo B-Tech special series comes into play.

In the words of Roberta Zerbi, director of the Alfa Romeo brand for the EMEA region, the Alfa Romeo B-Tech models “take the brand to an unexplored territory that is still very much in line with its tradition”. More attention is sought for the detail, inside cars that are already focused on people who want to differentiate themselves. The new special edition will be available for the two latest launches of the brand, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and the Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon. Alfa Romeo Giulietta is also added, a compact that, as we know from the brand’s plans, would have to be renewed not long in the future.

Both Giulia and Stelvio pay special attention to security. Among its standard equipment is the lane departure warning or emergency braking, with pedestrian detector. Now, the B-Tech edition adds adaptive cruise control, a driving aid that makes it easy to rest on some stretches of long trips. In the connectivity section, these new special editions feature the Alfa Connect infotainment system with an 8.8-inch high-definition screen, compatible with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto systems, as well as the Alfa Connected services. The TomTom navigation system with three-dimensional maps for the recognition of buildings and points of interest is also available.

For its part, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta B-Tech has the innovative infotainment system Alfa Connect 7 “Radio from Alpine, also with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to facilitate connectivity with the most used mobile functions on the screen. On this screen you can also see the images of the rear view camera, the best ally of parking sensors. There is no lack of USB-HDMI and Mopar Connect ports. Seen from the outside, the Alfa Romeo B-Tech have their own personality, in Vulcan black or Stromboli gray colors and any chromed element in their body has been dispensed with. Instead, there are black lacquered details on the front grille, mirror carcasses and alloy wheels (18-inch Giulia and Giulietta and 19-inch Stelvio). Even in the escapes there is no brightness and the only color tone is provided by the signature logo on the front and the brake calipers.

In Europe, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta B-Tech, the first to arrive, can be chosen with the 1.6 diesel of 120 horses (with manual and automatic TCT) and the 1.4 petrol with identical power. It remains to know the details of the other models, but in other markets this finish in the Giulia is sold with the 2.2 diesel of 160 HP and eight-speed automatic transmission, while the SUV is linked to 2.0 Turbo gasoline of 280 HP and traction comprehensive Q4 (protagonist of our test) and 2.2 diesel 190 HP.