Aston Martin Valhalla, the name of AM-RB 003 is confirmed

5 Jul


All fans of Aston Martin were enthusiastic during the past Geneva Motor Show thanks to the prototypes that were presented there. A statement of intent of the Gaydon brand, which also ensured a bright future with these models, that are to come and probably the one that raised more excitement was the AM-RB 003, which would be the third hyper-car with a central engine after the Valkyrie and Valkyrie AMR Pro. Although it seems that we will have to get used to calling it in another way. It is officially confirmed that Aston Martin Valhalla is the chosen name for when this model reaches production. The same tactic is followed as with the AM-RB 001 that followed that name during the prototype phase and was renamed Valkyrie for its arrival on the market. As in the case of this example, a term derived from Norse mythology is used to bring some power and mysticism to the vehicle.

Valhalla is as it is known in mythology to the ranch where the god Odin carried the dead in battle and heroes whom he believed worthy. Precisely the Valkyries (hence the term Valkyrie) were those that accompanied the fallen, who would prepare to help Odin in the Ragnarök (the battle of the end of the world), a kind of sky that only the lucky ones will get to take one of the 500 units that will be made of this Aston Martin Valhalla. This name also follows the long tradition of the British brand to start with the letter V, that goes back to the year 1951, when the name Vantage was born, used for the high performance version of the Aston Martin DB2. As we all know, as of 2005 the Aston Martin Vantage arrived as a full model and is still in use today. The other model that will follow that line in the future will be the Aston Martin Vanquish, of which we have already seen the Vision Concept.


And this Aston Martin Valhalla little more than to add to what was already known so far. The most striking is that it will mount a hybrid system consisting of a new V6 high-performance turbo and an electric battery. Also it will stand out in sections like the aerodynamic one (with the FlexFoil technology validated by the NASA) or in its low weight with novel materials. It seems that this model will arrive in 2021 and we will be attentive as more details arrive.