Audi believes that autonomous cars will unclog roads in this way

1 Nov


Autonomous cars seem to be the trend that is adopted in the future. Virtually all car manufacturers are investigating in that line and we have already begun to see reflected in some current technologies. And there is no advantage that stands out in them is that it reduces traffic jams in cities. This is how Audi believes that it has been working with the project “Hora 25” since 2017 to see how much time it would save with this type of vehicle.


The brand of the four rings has had the help of the Technological Institute of Karlsruhe (KIT) and the consultant of Munich Mobility Partners. The first conclusion is that fleets of autonomous cars can improve traffic on the roads thanks to their intelligent control. With fully automated traffic is reduced by a third, even if it moves to 12% more of the population. But you need a series of requirements. Shared mobility would be one of the keys. This trend that has entered our country with force with carsharing, will contribute to decongest the cities. If the vehicle occupancy rate goes from 1.1 to 1.3 people, the tedious traffic jams would end. Another advantage of the self-employed would be the ability to adapt the tracks along life in a single lane and leave the rest for pedestrians or bicycles.


This project is using the example of Ingolstadt, the headquarters of Audi, which has around 140,000 inhabitants. No metro or tram, most of its traffic is from cars, which is an ideal scenario. Focusing on the individual parameters, regardless of the changes we would have in the behavior of users, however, we have observed some curious facts. To improve the traffic of this city, the form is easier to understand. When there is a convergence of automatic and automatic vehicles, traffic does not improve so much. If in the German city there would only be self-employed, the duration of the journeys would decrease by 25%. The Audi study raises the curiosity of how technology will affect people in the future and some keys to the development of technology.