Audi will also join the alliance between BMW and Daimler to make autonomous cars

23 Aug

The great synergies between car manufacturers are becoming more common. It is said that “union is strength” and it seems that it is proven to judge by the unions we are seeing in recent times. They make more sense when it comes to the development of new technologies, such as autonomous driving. Right in that area it is very likely that we will see a new pact between Audi, BMW and Daimler; Three of the big German premium manufacturers.

The truth is that there was already an alliance between BMW and Daimler for the development of the autonomous car, as well as to jointly produce compact models. Although the rivalry in sales is quite large between BMW and Mercedes, the truth is that with these agreements they accelerate the development of technology and shorten the cycles of innovation. Apparently it was a non-exclusive cooperation and now Audi will enter into this particular agreement.

Everything indicates that the official announcement will take place during the Frankfurt Motor Show, one of the most important car events of the year and where the three manufacturers are very important. It should be noted that it would not be the first collaboration between these companies, as already in 2015 they partnered to buy Nokia maps. These cartographic services are also a key in autonomous driving and now it seems that they will resume the issue.

The alliance between Audi, BMW and Daimler will be for a flexible platform on which to improve level 4 autonomous driving. At the moment they believe that level 5 is far away, so they prefer to focus on improving current technology until it is completely safe and accurate. Each brand had already been developing systems of this type on its own, Audi said it would help to unclog the cities, BMW that would have something ready for 2021 and Mercedes is also quite advanced with its Intelligent Drive systems.