Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, here comes the first plug-in hybrid

7 Mar

The Bentley Bentayga was called to be one of the most important releases in the Crewe brand. The first SUV was a platform to experiment and reach new markets. It was presented with its brand new W12 engine and then came the Bentayga Diesel and the Bentayga V8, to reach all kinds of audiences. Now it’s the turn of the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid, with hybrid plug-in propulsion system.

It seems that Bentley also thinks about gradually electrifying their range and wanted to start with the luxury SUV. It will be very difficult to distinguish it from the other versions, with a traced design that only adds the ‘Hybrid’ inscriptions and the insignia and core of the copper rims. In the interior the same will happen, highlighting the new instrumentation to show the management of the hybrid system. It will continue to allow the customer to choose between multiple configurations and materials. It is not said if the habitability is altered in this version.

The most important of the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is its plug-in hybrid propulsion system that combines a 3.0-liter bi-turbocharged V6 petrol engine with a new generation of electric mechanics. There is still no mention of power figures, but it is expected to be above 400 CV. Nor do they detail the capacity of their batteries, but they assure that their electric autonomy will be above 50 kilometers.

To complete a full recharge in a conventional outlet, 7 hours and a half will be necessary, while with a fast-charging Wallbox the time is reduced to two and a half hours, special mention for this charger, which has been designed by Philippe Starck and focuses on the details. The CO2 emissions of the model remain at 75 g / km. The engine is linked to an eight-speed automatic transmission and has all-wheel drive.

In fact, it has the same driving modes as its range brothers, being able to choose between Sport, Bentley, Comfort and Custom. In this version we also add the modes EV Mode, Hybrid Mode and Hold Mode to choose which type of energy to use. At all times it will be shown on the screen where the energy that moves the wheels comes from and also the efficiency is maximized thanks to the navigator, which indicates which is the ideal way of considering the route. The Bentley Bentayga Hybrid will reach some markets by the end of 2018.