Can I buy a car for my personal use? / Do I need to have a dealer license to buy a car with you?

27 Aug

No, you can either buy just 1 vehicle for your personal use, or make a car business with Auction Export. You don’t need to have dealer license, but with our help, you’ll get direct access to major North American wholesale auto auctions. And after the purchase, we’ll provide you with a full range of services: transportation, paperwork handling, customs clearance at the exit port and much more!

All cars purchased with Auction Export must be exported outside USA and Canada.

There is also a high chance for you to become an official dealer representative of Auction Export.

Please contact our Customer Support Department for more details:

English    +1 416.900.3303 ext: 1

Spanish   +1 416.900.3303 ext: 373

Arabic      +1 416.900.3303 ext: 515

French     +1 416.900.3303 ext: 565