Changes In Ford Fusion 2018, Are They So Noticeable?

3 Dec

Changes in design of new Fusion
In appearance, the updated model has undergone not colossal, but still noticeable changes. The front of the car has acquired a slightly modified bumper, above which stands the false radiator grille of a new form. On the sides of the grille, black inserts are stylishly fitted into the body, and inside them are fog lights framed with chrome lining. The relief of the hood has also changed, and the chrome strip, divided in two, has migrated to the trim of the head lights. The Ford Fusion 2018-2019 feed is made in a simple style – the most precise, possible in the car body, geometric lines, straight strokes and narrowed taillights and lower side lights. The trunk lid is decorated with a streamlined spoiler. On the side you can note neat smooth lines of the silhouette of the body: the front and rear glass have a large angle of inclination, and the roof is slowly and gently sloping towards the stern. Also, the side of the model flaunts high sills, the height of which increases as it approaches the confluence of the roof and the luggage compartment.

The ribs that stretched across the entire side, at the top, and along the length of both doors, at the bottom, have become a striking element of the body design.

The front and rear bumpers are equipped with plastic bottom protection that fits perfectly into the overall design idea of ​​the appearance. All car optics – fully LED. In comparison with the previous version, the main differences of the current one are actually over – Ford is aiming to update its line of car equipment.

The new version of the popular Ford is equipped with the Co-Pilot360 complex. In fact, this functionality does not carry anything new – everything is already familiar to us: emergency braking and recognition of pedestrians, tracking blind spots, movement within the selected lane, rear camera and automatic switching between low and high beams.

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But the main thing is that this manufacturer company is going to install such functionality on absolutely all its cars. Thus, in Ford Fusion, this complex is already in the database, which significantly stirs interest in the model. Today, the company’s policy is that they want to protect people regardless of whether they are inside or outside the car. The dimensions of the body have also changed.

Specifications of Ford Fusion 2018-2019
As for the technical characteristics, here the situation is a little better –  we know that a car with a hybrid power plant has got a large capacity of an electric motor with its previous dimensions preserved. This will allow it to drive about 39 kilometers on one electric motor, which is almost a fifth of the result of the previous version of Ford Fusion. Together, both power units will produce 190 horsepower.
For purely petrol engines, everything remains as before: a 2.5-liter turbo engine with 170 hp, turbocharged power units (1.5 l / 180 hp and 2 l / 250 hp) and 2.7-liter, 357 hp turbo engine.