Christmas gifts for car lovers

22 Dec

If you have not yet chosen a gift, today we bring you the best items to give to your partner if he/she is passionate about the engine.

Extreme driving course

With extreme driving courses your partner can learn the best driving techniques, with the best specialized monitors, on special tracks with all the security at fingertips. There are courses with theoretical-practical modules to help correct the most common errors in driving or to avoid critical cases that may appear during traffic. There are several levels depending on the skill of each driver and the type of vehicle you want to drive.


It is best to purchase a device to which you can connect multiple cameras. This feature will allow cover during the movement all the zones in front of the car and behind it. An important aspect is the camera parameters. Pay special attention to the resolution and recording speed, the viewing angle and the matrix of the camera. In modern devices, the viewing angle can reach 175 degrees – this is an ideal option. The quality of the dash cam image directly depends on the resolution of the matrix and the recording itself. Therefore, if you are going to make a good gift, it is better to purchase a device that has a recording speed of at least twenty frames per second.

Accessories of favorite car brands

The majority of brands are betting on opening up to new markets and customer loyalty, thanks to its extensive catalog of accessories. Mini Cooper, for example, already offers everything from suitcases, to fashion accessories or even a toaster. You have all sizes and colors and, available for boy or girl.

Michelin Guide

The Michelin Guide is a guide that has the best selection of establishments, including restaurants, hotels, rural tourism and tapas bars. The Michelin guide offers us a selection of restaurants with the best quality cuisine in different countries, which are classified by the famous stars: three for exceptional cuisines, two for excellent and one for which they are considered very good in its category.


The ideal in a GPS is that it is not large, have enough autonomy and can be updated periodically. You should know that currently a GPS is not only for a specific type of vehicle, as there are brands such as Garmin or TomTom that manufacture GPS for cars, for motorcycles and for trucks.

The smallest charger

This is perhaps one of favorite gifts. The charger in the shape of a gasoline can of only 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm and made of die-cast aluminum, will allow you to increase the life of your devices thanks to its mini USB output. It is so small that you can always take it with you and, also, you can use it as a key ring.

Formula 1 Chair

For the most fans of the world of motor and Formula 1, here we leave another very interesting option. It is about this synthetic leather chair that imitates the authentic seats of the F1 pilots. They cost around € 60 and are available in gray, red, blue, black, orange. If this were not enough, today, all F1 teams have a wide range of products with which you can feel like a real racing driver through circuits.