Ferrari SP3JC, a unique creation while maintaining the atmospheric V12

4 Dec


The business of limited editions in luxury firms seems to be booming. And its maximum expression is when it carries out a one-off, a unique and exclusive vehicle from which no more units are going to be made. The last to surprise us has been this Ferrari SP3JC, a copy that adds to the list of Special Projects of the brand of ‘Cavallino’. It will go to the garage of John Collins (hence the acronym JC), one of the largest distributors of the brand worldwide.

It is a project carried out by Ferrari Styling Center that has taken as a basis a model that is no longer sold. The Ferrari F12tdf was an ancestor for the new 812 Superfast and has been the basis for this one-off. Only 799 units were made and one of them has been highly modified to reach this Ferrari SP3JC. The first intention of the client was to make a pure roadster, which dispensed with the roof completely.

In addition to cutting the roof, the specialists of the Italian brand have also modified its body masterfully to offer a differentiated look. The grill has been redesigned and has a peculiar shape reminiscent of a smile. Two transparent panels have been added to the hood so that the engine can be seen. The rims are those of the 812 Superfast and the rear receives some carbon fiber arches behind the seats, a bumper of the most curious and a redesigned diffuser.


The client wanted a decoration that was inspired by the Pop Art style and that is why it is dressed in blue Azzurro Met colors for the front, Bianco Italia white for the side and back, in addition to the Giallo Modena yellow details. This scheme is repeated in the interior, which has taken care especially to the last detail. What does not change is the atmospheric V12 6.3-liter engine that develops no less than 780 HP of power. To complete the Ferrari SP3JC it has taken more than two years of work.