Ford charges twice as much as Mercedes for replacing the same piece

5 Dec


The Ford GT and the Mercedes-AMG GT feature the same Getrag seven-speed automatic transmission. Despite being the same gearbox, the American firm charges twice as much as the German for its replacement. Getrag is a manufacturer of original accessories and elements that it supplies to a large number of vehicle manufacturers. The transmission shared by both models is the 7DCL750, which is available for various models with different gear ratios and configurations. This gearbox of automatic double clutch transmission is used in many sports, as it is designed to withstand high torque figures, and can reach up to 9,500 revolutions per minute.

Despite being a gearbox with the same configuration in both models, it is mounted differently. In the case of the Ford GT, the engine and transmission are located behind the passenger compartment, while the Mercedes-AMG GT has a front engine and its transmission on the rear axle. The replacement of this automatic transmission by Ford has a price of 32,324 dollars in the United States (about 28,400 euros to change). At this price you can deduct $ 5,000 (4,400 euros) if the broken gearbox is delivered as a replacement. In the case of the German firm, the repair of this one has a price of 14,940 dollars (13,100 euros). But is there an explanation for such a difference between both prices?

We can think that the notable difference between the costs of both substitutions could be due to several factors. The first one is the price, and that is that the Ford GT costs four times more than a basic version of the Mercedes AMG GT range. The second possible explanation is that the supercar has the particular characteristic of being manufactured on a carbon central engine chassis. Finally, we should note that the Getrag automatic transmission is the only one that has the Ford GT for its gearbox. But we are in a similar situation with the Ferrari 458, which has the same transmission but with a different relationship. In this case, the replacement price is 22,186 dollars (19,500 euros). Despite being Ferrari, which is usually characterized by the high price of its products, the price of the piece is $ 6,000 (5,300 euros) cheaper than Ford.

As a general rule, larger manufacturers have the possibility of negotiating better prices since they buy a high volume of parts, but in this case, the largest manufacturer charges a higher price than the other brands for the part to be replaced.