Genesis G80 2018 And High Requirements

13 May

Fans of luxury for some reason try not to notice at close range this car, but in vain. Cars of this sub-brand meet the high requirements completely.

Appearance of Genesis G80 is discreet, but memorable. “Luxury should not be flashy” – it was under this slogan that the designers most likely worked, creating this car. Even a glimpse of the G80 is enough to understand that you are in the car of a premium segment. His silhouette is elegant and at the same time not devoid of athleticism.

Interesting that Hyundai recently launched Genesis G90 and all the reviews were very awesome. This new model will have changes to the specifications of the engine, which will greet fans.

Adding new security features will allow passengers to stay inside without much concern. Looking back, Hyundai has come a very long way. Despite all the hardships they faced in the past, all this no longer bothers them. They gathered a unique team of specialists from around the globe, they came up with a concept that will inflame the reputation of this new Hyundai G80. Three reasons why the Hyundai Venue should reach Europe

2018 Hyundai Genesis G80 – Walk to the Future

The appearance of the new Hyundai Genesis G80 has not changed much, compared with the previous version. He has only slightly changed the front grille, bumper, headlight optics, contact bi-xenon lamps, all other optics including fog lights, will have LEDs. The taillights will also receive LEDs and stylish 3D graphics.

Hyundai Genesis G80 Interior

Inside, there are also a few changes, because the previous version has already thought of everything so that passengers and the driver feel comfortable. All finishing materials of unsurpassed quality, including inserts made of aluminum and natural wood. Comfortable seats are trimmed with natural leather, light or dark color.

On the dashboard is located infotainment system with 8 or 9 inch touch screen. The size of the display depends on the chosen configuration. On the dashboard between the tachometer and speedometer is installed on-board computer diagonal of 4.3 and 7 inches. From the previous Hyundai Genesis, it differs in length and width which has become smaller and now it is:

The length is 4990mm.

Width 1890mm.

Height 1480mm.

130mm ground clearance.

Wheelbase 3010mm.

Well, depending on the configuration of the wheels will be 18 and 19 inch.

Even so, the car has a lot of space in the cabin, both in the front and in the back seat. Reducing the size is not much affected the trunk, it is still roomy. The new Hyundai will have several configurations. The most simple, basic, already has sufficient functions such as:

Automatic transmission with 4 modes.

9 airbags.

Leather interior.

Electric seat adjustment.

Bi xenon.



Hyundai Genesis will have many more necessary functions. Audio system with 14 and you can install 17 speakers, together there will be great sound. A system will appear in the headrests for the entertainment of passengers sitting in the back, and the rear seats will be equipped with heating. In 2018, manufacturers of the Hyundai Genesis G80 are expected to install the following security features in a new model such as:


  • Airbags, shock sensors were located in more delicate areas, especially covering foot space collision detectors,
  • The front camera allows drivers to maintain a safe distance,
  • Rear camera will help drivers during parking, can help get a remote control,
  • In automatic mode, fog lights will come into play under adverse climatic conditions.


2018 Hyundai Genesis G80 Engine Modification

As we know about 2018 Hyundai Genesis G80, will carry 3.3 liter V6 turbo engine, which will be able to produce power of 365 horsepower. Another used 5.0 liter power unit V8 which has 420 horsepower.

The new engine will be paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Fuel economy will be quite high. New engines will have a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

The new Hyundai Genesis G80 was released at the end of 2017. It is known that the starting price of the base Hyundai Genesis G80 is around $ 42500.