Here are some of the most important Land Rovers in the history of the brand

9 May

Land Rover is celebrating this year. The 70th anniversary of the British brand is being celebrated and a series of special actions are being carried out to commemorate this milestone. Land Rover was born to make SUVs and, despite all the changes it has undergone, it remains a specialist in that field. Here we leave some of the models that have been more important in the history of the brand.

Land Rover Series I. 1948

It all began in an Ams terdam Salon in 1948. There, a prototype designed by Maurice Wilks was presented with the help of his brother Spencer (both worked for Rover). It received the name of Land Rover Series I and became the first model of a brand that had just been born. It had a convertible body covered by a canvas hood. It was a pure all-terrain, a practical and resistant vehicle, able to get out of any jam thanks to its permanent total traction.

Range Rover Classic. 1970

After several years commercializing Series I, II and III; Land Rover needed a little new sap. The idea was to make a model that had greater concessions to luxury and comfort, something that could be used on a day-to-day basis and not only for work tasks. In 1970 sees the Range Rover Classic, the first model that uses that name that today is considered almost a sub-brand. The first generation was a two-door, although in 1981 the variant of four was added.

Land Rover Defender. 1983

To continue with the philosophy of the Land Rover Series I, II and III; in 1983 a new model arrived (or rather two). The Land Rover 110 and later the Land Rover 90 are what later became known as Land Rover Defender. The explanation for the numbers is that they corresponded to the wheelbase in inches, being 2.80 meters in the first and 2.36 meters in the second. Later there was another version of 3.23 meters (the 130). They focused on off-road performance and continued to bet on all-wheel drive and robust four- or eight-cylinder engines.

Land Rover Discovery. 1989

The first generation of the Land Rover Discovery arrived in 1989 to offer a new segment. It used the Range Rover platform and shared its dimensions and habitability, but it cost significantly less and was intended to rival more generalist models. It was offered with the body of three doors and also with the one five years after its launch. The key was that his resistance was intact and he could also go off the asphalt without too many worries. Currently we are going for the fifth generation of the model.

Range Rover Velar. 2018

Given that there was still a gap to cover between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport, the brand recently introduced the Range Rover Velar. Considered by many as the most attractive SUV in the current market, it uses a more advanced and dynamic design language. Interestingly, it uses the same name as the prototypes of the 1969 Range Rover Classic. The new model also stands out for its advanced technology, with a minimalist interior and full of screens. The mechanical range is one of the most complete of the range with options diesel and gasoline of four and six cylinders.