Here is what Students mostly Buy with us / cars under $1000

4 Nov

Buying a new car may be quite expensive for students, as their budget should also cover the college fees. In such case they consider to purchase used vehicles from the North American auto auctions. When clients choose an inexpensive model, we always suggest not to forget about its reliability. But in this case students tend to purchase something cool and capable of carrying stuff. Besides, your car can easily underline your personal style and identity. You can change or update any feature you want in such a car, making it more customized and unique. The other reason for buying a used car, if you are a college student, is just because you will be able to resell it.  

When you export a car from the USA it’s important that it meets the safety requirements after you customize it. In addition, the car should handle well and have a reliable braking system, so the driver can drive immediately, without additional repairs. Take notice to the car’s weight and size, as it also plays a significant role in safety. As for the vehicle type, the best choice for students are sedans, as SUVs consume more gas, that makes them less affordable for everyday rides. As students are very communicative people, they tend to use their phone while driving. In order to avoid unpredictable situations and distractions, make sure that there is a hands-free device or a Bluetooth connectivity feature.

If you are eager for driving your own car, despite your student status, check the following suggestions of affordable cars available at AuctionExport:

The quiet and comfortable 2004 CHEVROLET MALIBU MAX with easy to understand control systems:

The compact 2010 FORD FOCUS SE provides you with an upright seating position for a good view down the road:

2005 HYUNDAI XG350 is almost luxurious and has a comfortable roomy interior:

2002 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA GLS is a small car that rides smoothly with good stability at high speed:

2005 TOYOTA COROLLA CE/LE is maneuverable, with precise handling: