Honda Accord 2016 – 2017 is a stylish and dynamic car that best emphasizes the character and status of its owner in society

14 Apr

The ninth generation of Honda Accord is a worthy representative of its class. The quality of the assembly and materials of the cabin remains at the same high level and even higher, and the equipment quality is still very rich. Assembling the model is made in Japan. The history of the Honda Accord began 37 years ago, so this car is very famous, and it worthily follows the traditions of the automobile production of Honda. In order for the Accord to remain as popular as its predecessors, the manufacturer decided to open a new page in the history of the legendary car. As a result, the new ninth generation has been thoroughly reworked. This is primarily due to the new, more serious exterior.

Previous generations were mainly oriented towards young people, but the new ninth generation is already intended for a more adult and wealthy buyer, although young people will also like it. That is why, the new appearance can be called first of all solid and serious. Thanks to such changes, the sedan came very close to the executive class. Appearance of Honda Accord can be called new, although he inherited the characteristics of the previous generation, but at the same time noticeably freshened up and got the uniqueness of the exterior. In front you can see a modified more beautiful and harmoniously combined grille, slightly modified headlamps with LED strip daytime running lights. The front bumper received a new beautiful relief with an air intake in the center, as well as new fog lights. The rear part of the car received a calmer, smoother terrain and acquired large headlights of tail lights of a new form. Appeared spoiler imitation on the trunk lid. And the most important change is a significant increase in size. The car has become longer by 164 mm, wider by 10 mm, and higher by 15 mm.

The interior of the Honda Accord has become very presentable and solid. There is a feeling of a representative class, which the new ninth generation is trying to approach. In the interior trim is mainly used very high quality plastic, and the doors, ceiling and seats are covered with a cloth. In expensive trim parts of the fabric trim will be replaced by leather. Due to the increase in the length of the body, it turned out to significantly increase the space in the cabin, for the rear passengers increased 9 cm of space, which also affects the comfort in a positive way. For the front seats, the space also became larger. The layout turned out to be quite good and very ergonomic, the big screen of the multimedia system is located at the very top, below is the panel for controlling the audio system, and right under the days you control the functions of the car. The interior uses metal inserts, which improves the appearance of interior parts. The luggage compartment has a volume of 495 liters, which is 31 liters more than the previous generation.

Honda Accord – prices and specifications

For Honda Accord there are six complete sets: Elegance, Sport, Executive, Executive Navi, Premium and Premium Navi. The choice provides two powerful gasoline engines and three gearboxes: 6-speed manual, 5-and 6-speed automatic transmissions.

The basic equipment of the Elegance version is quite good: six airbags, an assisted start up system, ABS and ESP. For comfort is provided: air conditioning, climate control, cruise control, active power steering, on-board computer, keyless entry system and engine start with a button. There will also be installed light and rain sensors, and rear-view mirrors will have electric drive, heating and electric folding, plus the car is equipped with a headlight washer, fog lights and LED headlights. The Accord also comes with an excellent audio system with USB and AUX, a steering wheel and a gearshift lever with leather trim, heated front seats, four electric windows and a front center armrest. True metallic paintwork is available as an option.

Starting with the Executive, the car gets a leather interior and even more advanced equipment, and the Premium and Premium Navi are so richly equipped that they can compete with many representative European sedans.

Honda Accord features

Powerful Honda Accord engines deliver great performance. True smooth and more relaxed 5-speed automatic, does not allow fully open 180 strong 2.4 liter engine, but with a manual 6-speed gearbox, it shows excellent dynamic performance. Acceleration to 100 km / h is carried out in 9.3 seconds, the maximum torque is 228 Nm at 4000 revolutions per minute. A fuel consumption in mixed mode reaches a value of 7.9 liters.

Honda Accord – advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Honda Accord include a spacious cabin, as in executive cars. Build quality and materials, of course, and new powerful engines, including not very whimsical to the fuel. Excellent energy-intensive and elastic suspension, high-quality management. Equipment kitting.

The disadvantages still include low ground clearance, but with sufficient driving experience this disadvantage will not be a minus as such.

Honda Accord – fuel consumption

For many business sedans are offered mainly powerful engines with high fuel consumption, and with the Honda Accord. Fuel consumption can still be called satisfactory with a small 180 horsepower engine, while the most powerful engine in the line has a fairly large consumption.

Accord is a legendary model with a long history. The new generation has a stylish and dynamic design that best emphasizes the character and status of its owner in society. This car will not dissolve in the gray everyday flow and will not get lost in the large parking lot of the shopping center. Salon is a realm of high-quality materials, trimmed ergonomics, practicality and uncompromising comfort. The manufacturer is well aware that in the first place, the car should give driving pleasure. That is why the sedan is equipped with an excellent range of units, which are the quintessence of innovative technologies and legendary Japanese quality. Honda Accord will serve many kilometers and will give unforgettable emotions from the trip.