Honda Accord 2018 And Its Upgrade

3 Dec

Sedan Honda Accord 2018 was presented in July of this year in America, it is just full of chic and convenience. In this review we will describe the main characteristics of this car – salon, dimensions, technical capabilities and component parts. The design of the new body Honda Accord 2018-2019.

The modern model Accord at this time became stronger and consists of 54 percent of high-strength steel, the roof is welded to the body by a laser welding device, which makes the design monolithic. Sedan Honda Accord in appearance is a sports car. A false radiator grid, LED headlights and a sport-type bumper with fog lamps are installed on the front. Visually, it seems that the hood has no boundaries, and the roof line merges with the entire frame of the car. In the back, you can observe a compact trunk lid, just below the LED lights and bumper, which are very harmoniously complement the exhaust pipes. Honda Accord VS Toyota Camry. And Who Is Your Champion?

Changes in the cabin
The interior of the current sedan has undergone some modifications and nice additions. Firstly, the changes inside the cabin are associated with an increase in the size of the wheel frame, this gave more space to the passengers in the rear seats. The cabin space of the auto 10 generation is about 3.0 cubic meters, the trunk – 473 liters. The space of the luggage compartment, if necessary, can be increased due to the special design of the rear seats. The panel in the sedan is made in the classical style, that is, restrained and strictly. The designers have thought over the design and functionality of the panel, it is not worth spending time thinking – the devices are convenient, and most importantly, logical. Some features of the panel are worth noting:

– Seven inch TFT display;
– Convenient Multifunction;
– Climate control inside the cabin and overboard with clearly readable and clear buttons;
– Media function with eight-inch sensor and several new products – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto;
– Navigator;
– Bluetooth, 4G LTE Wi-Fi;
– Video camera with a view of the circular angle. In the car Honda Accord is installed ten-speed gearbox. It is necessary to note the quality of the material of the saloons of the sedan (leather, fabric), sound insulation and seats with an anatomically adapted body.

The size of the new Honda
Honda Accord 2018-2019 dimensions have the following parameters:

– length is 4879 millimeters;
– width of 1859 millimeters;
– height of 1450 millimeters;
– wheelbase is 2830 mm.
Unlike previous versions, the 10 generation sedan has a wheelbase size 55 millimeters larger than the previous versions.
The tenth generation chord can please buyers with an interesting innovative bundle:

1. powerful audio system (450 W) with ten speakers;
2. noise reduction function (3 microphones);
3. eight airbags;
4. A new security system, which includes the basic and additional package. The package of additional modifications is set at the request of the buyer;
5. heated seats in several modes.

Honda Accord specifications
If we compare the new Accord model with the previous versions, it should be noted that by weight it became lighter by 50 kilograms, and its rigidity increased by 30 percent, the drag of the windshield decreased by three percent.

The sedan is based on the latest modular platform. The car is equipped with McPherson struts on the front side. The rear suspension has been slightly modified and has become somewhat more compact. Such suspensions have adaptive shock absorbers that adapt to movement depending on the surface of the road surface. Particular attention should be paid to the maintenance of elements under the hood – 4 – x– cylinder gasoline turbo engines. The engine, which is included in the basic package configuration has a capacity of 192 horsepower. Lovers of more powerful cars are offered a sedan with a power of 252 horsepower and a 10-speed gearbox.

It should be noted that the Honda of 10 generation will be produced only with front drive wheels, there will no longer be a coupe option.
The initial cost is marked at 22 thousand 700 dollars.