Honda Accord VS Toyota Camry. And Who Is Your Champion?

14 Sep

New versions of the most popular business sedans or  duel of sworn competitors

Executive sedan, but without excessive luxury. It is also a family car, but with a more exuberant appearance than a minivan. A car on which you can “refuel” if you want, without going bankrupt.

All these definitions are met by modern large sedans, including the eternal rivals Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.

In 2014, Toyota updated the Camry.

Camry upgrades are mostly stylistic: the car has become more premium, has received elements previously peculiar only to its rich relative Lexus, like “leaving” after stopping the engine of the steering wheel, which facilitates the driver exit from the cabin.

But in the case of Accord, the changes were more extensive. Honda first supplied the variator to this model, which is considered less reliable technology than the classic “automatic”. And also went to the engine with direct injection, more economical, but also more demanding on the quality of fuel.

Lets test both cars at the same time

In a step-by-step comparison, you could focus on the fact that the Camry is softer than the suspension, and Accord better keeps the arc in turns, or to find out that the Camry is richer in equipment even in the basic configuration. One could conduct a survey to find out what is more to the liking of buyers: the traditionally strict and boring design of the Camry or the ever-changing and increasingly aggressive image of Accord. But all this will not affect the essence of the conflict, which determines the motives for confronting these models in the last few decades.

The fact is that both cars are very similar in many respects, and the main difference between them is the world view of consumers, on which Accord and Camry are designed. Haval H8, Nissan Murano, Honda CR-V Jeep Cherokee, Which One of It Do You Like More?

So here is a simple algorithm of choice between them:

Camry is more suitable for you if:

  • you believe that the most important thing on the road is a sense of confidence and security;
  • calmly refer to the fact that when moving in the right row to the left you are overtaken by Citroen or smth like that;
  • you think that a person should be well-dressed, even when he takes out the garbage, so hipsters in motley little cars around fashionable restaurants cause you a condescending grin;
  • do not like to visit the service station, deal with the selection of spare parts and have long calculated that saving fuel on cars with variators does not cover the costs of their repair;
  • you like solid cars, with a strict appearance and impeccable reputation, including Lexus and Mercedes.


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Accord is more suitable for you if:

  • you like to be aware of the progress and changing of mobile phones and laptops almost more often than they appear on sale;
  • you like cars, stuffed with the latest technology;
  • the radical transition of the new Accord to a direct-injection engine and CVT is so pleasing to you that you are willing to pay for repairs;
  • you think that the right row is a parking lot, and wonder who gives the right to drivers who are spinning there at a speed of 60 km / h;
  • you dream about Acura, Infiniti and BMW, but still can not afford them.

These two models are opposed to each other for decades, and around the world and with varying success. So, in the USA Camry has been leading the sales for many years, but in Europe this model practically does not occur. And the main rival of Accord in the European Union is the Volkswagen Passat. Which, incidentally, Europeans love more than any Japanese models.