Honda e, that’s the name of the brand’s first electric

14 May


Anticipated first as Urban EV Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 and as the Prototype in Geneva this year, the Japanese firm has already confirmed what its next and first electric car will be called: Honda e. It is only necessary to know the technical sheet and the price, since the stylistic lines will change little with respect to the last concept seen.

The Honda design team used classic brand cars, such as the first-generation Civic, as inspiration. As such, the Honda will retain relatively compact dimensions: 3,895 mm in length, 1,750 mm in width and 1,495 mm in height, which makes it more compact than the BMW i3 and Renault ZOE. As such, there are only seats for four people to travel comfortably. The Honda e sits on a new platform designed from scratch for electric vehicles. Honda says that the car will be able to roll about 200 km under the WLTP approval cycle on a single charge, but has not confirmed the size of the battery or the power of the electric motor.

If we use the aforementioned autonomy as a guide, we can intuit that it will come with a capacity of approximately 30 kWh (less than half of what is offered in the Kia e-Niro). A single electric motor in the rear axle drives the small urban and the rear wheels. The designers have started from scratch with the interior shown in the Prototype e. It is dominated by a bank of digital screens, two 12.3 inches perch side by side to create a single screen that extends across the width of the dashboard and provides access to a set of multimedia applications and features and instrumentation panel. Two six-inch monitors are located in each corner to make rear-view mirrors.

There is currently no indication of how much the Honda will cost when it goes into production, but project leader Kohei Hitomi said it will not be an economic car. Hitomi said in Geneva that price is a very important thing. “Look at the iPhone: they are not cheap products, but everyone wants them. The high price has a justification. They are practical and benefit products and we believe the same thing about our electric vehicle. “