Honda HR-V Sport, a more dynamic option with 182 HP

3 Dec

The new Honda HR-V 2019 was introduced this year and has been on our roads for a short time. And one of the main problems that we took was its short mechanical range, limited to a 130 HP gasoline engine. Now the Japanese have decided to add another version of the model, the Honda HR-V Sport. It will be the top range of the small SUV, giving the user a more powerful and dynamic option, which is also aesthetically attractive.


With the restyling, the front of the HR-V adopted the well-known Solid Wing Face, which had a chrome band in the area of ​​the grill. In this Sport variant said element has been reinterpreted and it looks bright black to differentiate itself. It also adds a grid with a honeycomb motif. Also different in this example are the front splitter, the side flaps or the rear bumper; all with black as the main tone. To gain presence, the Honda HR-V Sport rides 18-inch wheels with specific design. The optics correspond to the maximum level of equipment, so it has full LED headlights as standard. In the rear stand two exits of the exhaust in addition to a black trim covering the gate along. The pilots have been darkened and can also count on roof racks, like the other versions of the model.


Inside, it opens new seats, more enveloping to ensure the driver and passenger support. The leather upholstery is specific to the Honda HR-V Sport and combines black with dark red on the dashboard, doors and seats. The black roof also helps to give character. This model is equipped with the 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo petrol engine, a mechanic that we have already seen in the Honda Civic. The four-cylinder in this case reaches a power of 182 HP and 240 Nm of torque when it is linked to the six-speed manual gearbox. You can also go with a CVT transmission, with which the torque stays at 220 Nm.


To improve the dynamic behavior, the Honda HR-V Sport has the “Performance Damper” technology, which improves the stability of the SUV when cornering and has a more direct direction. The first deliveries of this model are scheduled for April 2019.