How does Porsche Taycan exceed 30,000 reservations without having been submitted?

9 Aug

With its presentation set for September 4, the Porsche Taycan is one of the vehicles that are generating more expectation in recent years. The first electric of the Stuttgart brand has been announced practically since we saw Mission E, the prototype that anticipated it. Subsequently there has been a continuous dripping of information that has been fueling the interest of fans. So much so, that the sports car accumulates more than 30,000 reserves without having been fully disclosed.

In Spain for a long time it can also be done, by paying a deposit of 2,500 euros. The point is that with that high number of reserves, the annual production of 20,000 units that was initially established for this model has already been exceeded. Now Porsche will have to manage to increase that production (almost double it), although they may not be precise until they present the final production version. To put ourselves in context, in its first year in the market the Porsche Taycan could approach the sales of the popular Porsche 911. Last 2018, 35,600 units of the ‘nineteen’ were sold, so, if it continues at this rate, the electric will overcome it. And that will not be a cheap vehicle or access. It is expected that by tariff it will be located between the Porsche Cayenne and the Porsche Panamera, with a starting price of around 90,000 euros.

Another area in which Porsche is working is in the recharge network, so that when the Taycan arrives there are no problems in this aspect. In Europe they are advancing by the hand of Ionity and its fast chargers of up to 350 kW. With the 800 volt electrical system, the Porsche Taycan can be charged in just 15 minutes (initially ‘alone’ can be charged at 250 kW). The infrastructure will not be as necessary in countries like Norway, the most advanced in the field of electrical. There have been 3,000 reservations registered when they normally sell 600 Porsche a year.