How to use AuctionExport Search page and find a vehicle you are looking for?

13 Oct

Let’s assume that you want to Buy Now 2010 Toyota Camry, location: USA.

First, you need to login to your profile, if you don’t login, you won’t see entire inventory and prices.

Then, go to search page ( and browse by selecting desirable vehicle details, such as year, price, vehicle type, make, model and trim.

Feel free to select and combine Auction type and location on a main page or on a search results page.

You can decide how many results you see on a page.

On a Quick Search you can view Dealer and REPO inventory, Buy Now Salvage cars, Cars under 1000 or Classic Cars.


You can also find the vehicle by putting the year, make and model in the SEARCH field on the top of the page and click SEARCH button (See image below)