Hyundai wants its autonomy to anticipate the actions of humans

12 Oct


Almost all car manufacturers believe that their future goes through the autonomous vehicle and therefore continue to develop technologies and making large investments in this field. Hyundai does not want to be left behind and now they announce that they will invest in Perceptive Automata through its subsidiary of risk capital Cradle. The start-up for which they have bet is dedicated to developing artificial intelligence software for autonomous cars.

If we start to specify a little more, it is a technology that allows the vehicle to anticipate the actions of the humans it crosses. Although this may sound like science fiction, this predictive technology analyzes pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers so that the vehicle makes decisions based on what it perceives. It is basically about giving the machine a level of intuition that until now had not been conceived.

This system developed by Perceptive Automata and that wants to implement Hyundai in its cars of the future uses all the data taken by the cameras and sensors. With the kilometers, the software is able to learn from what it has been seeing and perfecting that perception. In this way it is possible to anticipate the intention of the people and avoid some accidents.

It is striking that this technology is capable of even identifying when a pedestrian has stopped in the middle of the crossing and told the vehicle to pass, something that a freelancer without the software could not do (would stop and wait). One of the main disadvantages of this type of vehicle without a driver is the inability to interpret some visual signals that are easy to process by humans. We will see if with this technology it is possible to improve the autonomous car of the future.