If car manufacturers also take into account the effect of your sweaty ass

17 Jan

When you are a car manufacturer that sells millions of vehicles a year you have to ensure that you give the best possible product to the customer. That includes good reliability and quality of all its components. And one of the aspects that most concern brands is the effect of the passage of time and the wear that is caused. That is why they worry about trifles such as the effect of a sweaty ass on the seat.

Although it may seem like a joke, it is very serious. Ford is the protagonist of this story and we are sure that its clients will thank it in the future, especially those who leave the gym or come to run and ride directly in their car. The oval brand knows that this kind of thing happens and to verify the effect it has on the upholstery they have created the “Robutt” (translated as Robo-ass), a machine capable of emulating this very concrete situation.

The American manufacturer wants to guarantee that the materials used in the seats of their cars are resistant and can withstand a decade of wear with guarantees. Its engineers have created a kind of robot to which is attached a pad in the shape of buttocks, emulating a person sitting in the seats. In order to adapt completely to reality, some parameters are changed.

The “Robutt” is heated to 36 ° C, about body temperature, and soaked with 450 ml of water (a person can sweat 1.4 liters in one hour of exercise). Then begins the application of this artificial rear over the seats, specifically making you ‘feel’ no less than 7,500 times, including movements similar to what a person would do. This test is done in three days and would be equivalent to a decade of use.