If you ask someone about “luxury cars” you will probably hear the name of one of the German brands, and the Mercedes GLK 350 is no exception

1 Oct


The abbreviation GLK stands for Geländewagen Luxus Kompaktklasse, which literally means “compact luxury SUVs.” Interior

A single look at the car interior is enough and you won’t have any questions why this SUV is called luxury. The premium materials that the cabin is sheathed create a feeling of comfort and warmth. Decorated with natural wood and chrome, the control panel also attracts attention.


Just think about comfort for the driver, which is provided by a 3-spoke steering wheel with a leather braid, a backlit control panel and three instrument dials. Inside the central dial (speedometer) is a small digital display that displays information regarding the audio system, performance indicators and the car as a whole. Information on the display can be controlled through the buttons on the steering wheel.

The GLK 350 center console houses an AM / FM radio, CD slot, Bluetooth and a 5.8-inch color display, adjustable using the buttons below. The basic equipment of the car also comes with a navigation system. 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC boasts a wide range of optional equipment



The exterior can be described in one word – “angular.” In fact, when developing the design of appearance, as a basis, manufacturers chose the predecessor GLK – GL class. The front part of the SUV is equipped with rhomboid headlights with sharp angles. The radiator grill is quite large with two longitudinal chrome blades and a large brand logo in the center. A large air intake is located below the radiator grill. GLK 350, like the rest of the class, is equipped with classic roof rails. Dimensions of the car are equal: length – 4528 mm, width – 1840 mm, height – 1689 mm. The SUV “sits” on 19-inch wheels.


The Volkswagen e-Golf electric car is “just Golf”: a sleek design, compact and “hard-knocked down” body. However, there are a number of minor differences that uniquely identify the electric version of the VW Golf: firstly, its own front bumper with a pair of C-shaped LED strips on the sides; secondly, the Volkswagen e-Golf received its own all-LED headlights, which at the time of the launch of the model were not available for regular versions of the Volkswagen Golf. Volkswagen Golf Last Edition, goodbye without fireworks


Inside, the VW e-Golf also resembles a regular Golf: a similar front panel made of high quality materials; a number of common elements (steering wheel, climate control unit, door cards) 5-seater configuration and comfortable seats; a sufficient amount of luggage. The differences are in the details. So, Volkswagen e-Golf got its own instrument panel with analog round dials: an indicator of costs or energy recovery; battery charge indicator; plus a traditional speedometer and a small on-board computer screen. A large touch screen is installed on the front panel, which, in addition to the standard multimedia functions, displays energy flows when driving, recovering, charging an electric car; indicates the time to charge 100% battery; allows you to set the charging timer and climate, etc.

The electric VW e-Golf stands out against the backdrop of an increasing number of electric vehicles, excellent driving dynamics, optimized battery equipment and confident control. Thanks to the excellent build quality, it offers the same features as the traditional best-seller of the concern with internal combustion engines.

You can control the main indicators of the car, such as battery power, location, as well as get directions or find the nearest charging station remotely using a mobile application developed for the operating systems of Apple and Android gadgets.

Yes, cars are really different. But they are similar in one thing: in both automobiles you feel extremely comfortable. In the salons of cars for this there is everything you need. As for the exterior, it is of course a matter of taste and habit. If you do not like to stand out from the crowd – you will surely choose Volkswagen. Who loves to look brighter – chose Mercedes. It will be clearer when we touch on technical specifications, but more on that in our next articles. Do not miss.