If you buy a Hyundai electric you get the free charging point

9 Aug


One of the big concerns when buying an electric vehicle is how it will be recharged. Currently in Europe the recharge infrastructure is still insufficient and, although there are enough projects for its improvement, there will still be a long wait. Therefore, having such a car depends largely on having a charging point at home. And Hyundai announces that it will install it for free if you buy one of its electric.

The Korean brand is quite committed to this type of mobility. They have two such models in their range, the electric Hyundai Kona and the newly renovated electric Hyundai Ioniq. And those users who choose to acquire any of them will also benefit from the installation of a charging point for free, whether the parking space is single-family housing or if it is in a neighborhood community.

It is the only brand that performs the installation without added costs in Spain and to carry out this campaign has allied with Fenie Energy. This energy company will be responsible for the installation, which can cover up to 40 meters away and three steps of walls or slabs. Also included are the legalization procedures for the charging point and even an after-sales visit to verify that everything is working correctly and answer some questions that the user may have.

The charger that is installed with this campaign of Hyundai is the Circutor model eNext of 7.4 kW of power. It has the usual protections to avoid surges and shunts, both in AC and DC. Also some benefits such as the possibility of managing it with a mobile application. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection it is possible to know the state of the charge and configure the schedules to adapt to the customer’s routines.