If you love speed in combination with a comfortable ride you should certainly test Chevrolet Cruze 2013 to feel all its power and greatness

13 Apr

At the present time, anyone who wants to experience all the delights of owning a Chevrolet Cruze can buy this model in the preferred bodywork. Than besides uncommon appearance can please this car, we find out now.

The interior of the car (regardless of bodywork) also does not please a large number of transformations. Only the center console with air ducts has undergone metamorphosis, and the finishing materials have become somewhat more expensive and more qualitative when compared with the previous generation of the model.

Technical characteristics of the Chevrolet Cruze 2013-2014

For the auto version of 2013, two types of engines are offered: a 1.4-liter turbo (petrol) and a 1.7-liter diesel. Another proposed option for 140 hp, with a strong gasoline turbo engine. Chevrolet Cruze 2018 – The Evolution Of The Famous Model


Prices for Chevrolet Cruze 2013-2014

Changes have fallen not only on the motor series, but also on the design of the cabin and the car itself, which naturally influenced the price. For motorists, the car equipment has also changed, new bumpers have been installed, the design and shape of the grille, wheel disks and fog lamps have changed as well. The options also expanded, and now when ordering, you can pay attention to the appearance of the rear-view camera, and the package bundle has been supplemented by a keyless entry system and a multimedia system called “MyLink”, which contains a 7-inch touchscreen, with support for any smartphones via the Bluetooth system. The touch screen is very convenient to use, one touch of the display allows you to select a track that is in the phone, or a necessary contact, and it is also very easy to get the necessary information about traffic jams. As for the price, the new 2013-2014 Chevrolet Cruze costs at least $ 17,000. Sedan release in 2013 changed the two-stage single-stage airbags, which are equipped with automatic air supply. Standard two-stage airbags include 2 separate generators. The first generator is triggered if a low-speed collision occurs, the second generator is triggered by a high-speed collision. Two-stage airbags provide greater safety and protection of passengers with different impact energy. American Motorists Will Be Able To Buy A New Hatchback Chevrolet Cruze

The wagon version came out noticeably longer than the sedan by 165 millimeters, and the hatchback by 81 millimeters. The wheelbase remained unchanged, because the extra length was used on the rear overhang, which had a very positive effect on the size of the trunk. Volume when loading up to the lines of the windows was 500 liters, if you resort to the addition of the rear seats, you can hold another 1.5 cubic meters of things. There is also a place for small things, it is under the floor in the trunk, and is divided into several departments (sections).

For those who love speed in combination with a comfortable ride, you should certainly test the car to feel all its power and greatness.

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