Infiniti leaves the European market

13 Mar


Infiniti Motor Company has informed today, March 12, that it will cease its commercial operations in Europe as of March of 2020. It has not been a decision expected by the subsidiaries of the rest of the countries of the European community, it comes from the high command. In our case, Infiniti has been gaining recognition as a leading brand in the premium segment, rivaling heavyweights such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar or its immediate competitor, also Japanese: Lexus. However, although the luxury division of Nissan has designed and produced good vehicles, sales have not accompanied.

Since its inception in Spain in 2008, the brand has significantly increased its sales to sell more than 7,500 units at the end of 2018. And in the first two months of this year, the brand has obtained in this country a growth of 22% in a market that accumulates a fall of 8%. Infiniti’s share in Spain is, today, the highest in Europe.

And this has been achieved thanks to repositioned products such as the Infiniti Q50 in its hybrid side and the Eco range present in the compact models Q30 and QX30. Although the company withdraws from the market, Infiniti ensures the highest level of quality in all services, both in the sales and after-sales scenario, maintenance, review services or warranty repairs.

But even so, Infiniti will now seek to restructure its focus to focus on the fastest growing markets, especially North America and China. Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia will not be affected either. As a result of this plan, production of the Q30 and QX30 models will cease by mid-2019 at the Sunderland manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom. Starting in 2021 Infiniti will electrify its vehicle catalog, ceasing the supply of diesel engines and focusing on more profitable projects. The company will place greater emphasis on its crossover line in North America, launching five new models in China over the next five years, in improve the quality of sales and residual value, and take advantage of the synergy with Nissan.