Innovision Cockpit, this is Volkswagen’s new interior proposal

6 Apr

Recently we have been able to know all the details of the third generation of the Volkswagen Touareg. One of the most striking aspects of the SUV of representation was located in the interior. Innovision Cockpit is the name given to the new digital control center that can be mounted optionally on this model. It’s the first time we see it in a production vehicle and that’s why we show you all its details.

The highlight and is the new single-screen design, something that can be seen at a glance. It is a formula similar to that adopted by Mercedes and what it does is unite the instrumentation screen with the main one that controls the infotainment. With this formula almost all the functions are focused on the screens, almost completely eliminating the physical buttons. Only a few will remain integrated in the center console.

Through the steering wheel the first thing you see is digital instrumentation, formed by a 12-inch screen. It has a high resolution (1,920 x 720 pixels) and is fully customizable. The user can choose the design and quantity of information through the home screen or the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. The only thing that remains fixed in the lower part is the daily kilometers and the total kilometers.

To complement this element you can optionally choose the Head-Up Display for Volkswagen Touareg. This system projects information on the windshield so that the user does not have to look away from the road. It is color and its size is 217 x 88 mm, becoming the largest offered by Volkswagen so far. You can also customize the information that shows this element to suit each one.

To complete the Innovision Cockpit you have to mount the top-of-the-range multimedia system, Discover Premium. Mounts a 15-inch screen, also the largest mounted by the brand, which is attached to the digital instrumentation and is slightly oriented towards the driver. Its resolution is 1,920 x 1,020 pixels and serves to control virtually all vehicle functions. Volkswagen Touareg integrates a complete advanced navigation system with three-dimensional models, route calculation based on topography, traffic or user profiles. It also has a hybrid radio, which unifies the reception of terrestrial radio and internet-based radio. Connectivity will also be highlighted thanks to being able to link to any type of smartphone and Wi-Fi connection for up to eight devices.