It Is Camry 2017 And It Is Really Special

14 Sep

Design version of the 2017 model has changed dramatically. The updated Toyota Camry car demonstrates a swift silhouette formed by flying lines. Due to the reduced area of ​​the glazing, its appearance began to resemble a dynamic racing car. The impressive relief of the surface with clear edges on the bonnet gives the model an incredible elegance.

The frontal zone is distinguished by its respectability and aggressiveness: boomerang-shaped elements of head optics, an exquisitely-strict radiator grille and an unusual design of a huge air intake work on this. Muscular aft part is expressive: trimmed bumper looks very stylish with its chrome parts, coupled exhaust pipes, as well as a spoiler that significantly improved the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. Ergonomic arrangement of controls, restraint in decoration, use of high-quality facing materials made it possible to create a conservative and impressive interior. The car is equipped with anatomical chairs with excellent lateral support and microlift.

Price of Used Toyota Camry 2010 in USA

Elegant design solutions were implemented in the spacious interior of the model. Good quality plastic, details from a steel alloy, textiles are applied in furnish. In the optional mode – natural leather and inserts from the cork tree.

Technical Specifications

On the North American market are mostly delivered cars, equipped with one of the following power units:

  • 4-cylinder 2.4-liter petrol engine, capable of issuing 180 hp;
  • 6-cylinder gasoline engine capacity of 270 hp;
  • hybrid power plant, the total power of which reaches 200 hp. All of them form an aggregate configuration with a reliable 6-band “automatic”. The increased safety of the updated Toyota Camry 2017 is due to the availability of 10 safety cushions, as well as the STAR Safety System technology, which provides coordinated operation of the traction control system, brake assist, EBD and SST elements.

Yes, it is really special and you deserve it!