It is clear that black cars get hotter, but how much exactly?

5 Sep


Since childhood we have been told that dark colors attract more heat than light ones. Not only is it a general belief, but it is proven by science that black absorbs virtually all sunlight while white reflects a large percentage. We have already gone through several studies that prove this irrefutable fact, although we had never seen it as visually as the one we bring you next.

The YouTube channel, MikesCarInfo, wanted to show it through the view of a thermal imager (FLIR). He did the test in the United States, specifically at a Toyota dealership. There he began to record a row of Toyota Highlander with the same characteristics that had been exposed to the sun for hours and that had not been previously driven. The luck is that there were several colors available and that white and black were together.

The video clearly shows how the hood of the black Toyota Highlander is at 70 ºC (159 degrees Fahrenheit), while the hood of the white Highlander remains at 45 ºC (113 degrees Fahrenheit). It is a substantial difference of 25 ° C between one and the other, a fact that is quite in line with the results of other previously published studies. And that is among the most opposite colors we can find, but there are other tones to compare.

Because the thermal imager also goes through gray and silver cars and the results are surprising. In the case of gray, its temperature reaches 63 ºC (146 degrees Fahrenheit), so there is not much difference from black. In the case of silver it is somewhat cooler and stays at 54 ° C, much closer to the target. With this simple and visual video the temperature difference between dark and light tones is more than clear, so be careful if you have a black car.