Japan is already preparing the arrival of the flying cars

8 Jan


The incorporation of flying cars in Japan is already planned and it will be in 2023 when it begins its commercialization. For now they work on the prototype with which they want to make the leap to this new form of mobility, and it is called “Skydrive”. This flying vehicle has several advantages such as its compact dimensions and its vertical takeoff and landing technology, which does not need specific infrastructures for these operations.

The Skydrive is 3.6 meters long, 3.10 wide and 1.1 high. It will be able to reach 100 km / h by air and will circulate at about 150 meters high, thus allowing the opening of a parachute in case of emergency. It weighs approximately 400 kg and can carry two passengers.

Behind this innovative project, which has a financing of more than 5 million euros, is the Government and several companies in the automotive world. Among them is Toyota, which has incorporated a dozen young engineers to this project that has about 400 workers.

Skydrive is expected to make its public appearance in a demonstration at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In this way, they intend to show how it works and consolidate it as a means of transport for the coming years. But without a doubt, one of the big problems with which you should fight this project is its price and is that each unit will have a price of 397,000 euros, so due to its high cost will be focused on the service of carsharing. “Today we do not have to own the vehicle, but we can share it or use it as a service,” said Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO of Skydrive. To carry out this initiative with a view to the future, the Japanese government is willing to elaborate new infrastructures and laws that regulate its use.