Jeep Compass 2011 is a cheap practical car with a good level of passing and elevated comfort in the cabin

30 Jul

Jeep Compass is one of the first crossover cars of the famous American automobile company, created in cooperation with the Daimler concern. The presentation of the first production model Jeep Compass took place in 2006, and already in 2011, the debuted restyled version of the car, which became more like a flagship SUV brand Grand Cherokee, than its predecessor. But on this company Jeep did not stop and after a year Compass has experienced another restyling. The new Compass combines comfortable dimensions, refined and even slightly aggressive styling, practicality and good endurance to our roads, and therefore it is able to meet the demands of the most sophisticated fan of compact crossover.

Appearance of Jeep Compass reminds its predecessor as if it were a silhouette, as during the restyling it was changed a lot: all the lines and guests turned round, the headlights were rhomboid, the bumper also changed and got the unpainted lower part, the wings and radiator grille chrome-plated slits are now convex. The rear of the body now features a brand new bumper, upgraded LED headlights and a spoiler on the roof of the luggage compartment.


The interior of the Compass cabin has also undergone a change: now there’s a multifunctional steering wheel with audio control and cruise control buttons, new, much better handling materials and seat trim, door handles with built-in backlit and slippers, a multimedia system with the ability to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and many other small details. 70 safety features of the new Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is available in three complete sets. Already in the first of them (the base) there are air conditioning, a system of unlock access to the salon, cruise control, electric drives of glass and mirrors, fog lamps, 17-inch aluminum wheels and more. In more expensive fittings there are already 18-inch aluminum or chrome drives. In addition, a lot of options are available for the car, including the Uconnect multimedia system, satellite radio, the audio system with nine Boston Acoustic speakers, a flip flop with speakers on the inside of the trunk roof, and a roof hatch.

In general, the developers wanted to create something midway between legendary ATVs and comfortable city crossovers. The result turned out to be satisfactory.

To sum up, we can say that the Jeep Compass is a cheap practical car with a good level of passing and elevated comfort in the cabin.