Jeep Renegade, Compass and Wrangler 4xe: new designation for plug-in hybrids

6 Jan


Now that Group PSA and FCA are the same reality and go hand in hand in the intricate world of automotive, you can expect some changes that are coming. Today we are not going to talk about models that are coming or going, but about a reaffirmation of the commitment to Jeep electrification. Taking advantage of the CES in Las Vegas, they announce a new denomination for all their plug-in hybrids: 4xe.

Already last year 2019 we saw the first steps of the brand in this area. During the month of March, they presented the Jeep Renegade and Compass Plug-in Hybrid, the plug-in hybrid versions of two of their most successful SUVs. While it is true that the inscription “4x4e” appeared in some parts of its body, there was no proper denomination as such. So now they wanted to simplify and soon we will see the Jeep Renegade, Compass and Wrangler 4xe.

If the plug-in hybrid propulsion systems that they had to date are maintained, we will see a scheme that surprised many. It is the conjunction of the turbocharged petrol engine of four cylinders and 1.3 liters under the hood with another small electrical block that is responsible for moving the rear wheels, achieving total 4x4e or 4xe traction from now on. In the Renegade it had 190 CV of joint power, while in the Compass it reached up to 241 CV. We assume that for the Wrangler the ideal option would be the most powerful.

In any case, the electrical autonomy of these specimens slightly exceeds 50 kilometers and achieves really low emissions, around 50 g / km. Although many details remain to be known about the future family of plug-in hybrids, the truth is that Jeep announces its 4xe designation with a view to the future. The intention is that there are electrified versions of its entire range by 2022 and that means we will see that name a lot on a recurring basis.