Jetta becomes the new Volkswagen group firm for China

4 Mar

It’s official. Jetta becomes the new independent brand of the Volkswagen Group for the Chinese public. This new firm will be especially aimed at young customers. In China there are several regions like Beijing or Shanghai where the levels of vehicles owned are very low. In fact, in areas like these, the number of cars per thousand inhabitants does not exceed one hundred units. Faced with the growing middle class in the country, which is immersed in a struggle to own cars, Jetta emerges with the aim of satisfying these needs. According to the Volkswagen Group itself, the new independent brand is based on the same key elements of the company’s DNA: quality, safety, value and a key design language.

The new model range is composed of a sedan and two SUVs. The cars will be manufactured by FAW-Volkswagen in Chengdu, southwest China. Sales are expected to start during the third quarter of this same course. Jetta’s sedan will appear under the name of VA3. Unlike the European model that uses the MQB platform, the Asian sedan will do it on the AO5 + shared with the Seat Toledo.

Regarding the two SUVs of the new firm, the smallest of them will be the VS5. This model will use the same base as the Seat Ateca but will incorporate changes to adapt it to the identity of the new brand, although it will keep its characteristic lines. The other of the SUV is still unconfirmed but it is likely to be above the mentioned SV5, so it would be a reinterpretation of Tarraco. Jetta, which has ceased to be a model to become a whole family of products, will have its own network of dealers and plans to have about 200 at the end of the course. The new brand of the German group will direct customers directly with digital exhibitions and mobile sales trucks.