Keep calm, a cheetah has gotten into your Jeep and what to do if a snake appears in your car?

13 Jun


Doing a safari in Africa is one of the experiences that many people plan to do at least once in their life. Engage in animal wildlife in its wild fullness and contemplate it at a safe distance from a car, a Jeep, for example. This is what Britton Hayes, a native of Seattle (United States), decided to do. On a guided tour in the Serengeti National Park (Tanzania), Britton was able to observe the animals at a close distance. Maybe too close. In a video recorded by stepfather of Britton we can see how a cheetah sneaks inside his Jeep provoking an indescribable tension. This feline is one of the most skilled hunters in the African savanna. Trying to escape from him in this situation would be useless, because being the fastest animal on earth would reach you in a matter of half a second. Although in Britton’s words they had always maintained a considerable distance with the cheetahs, in an oversight two cheetahs threw themselves on the car. One ended on the bonnet, and the other was propelled from the rear spare wheel to enter through the rear window.

Thanks to the fact that the passengers had received very clear indications of their guide for this situation, they remained calm avoiding the visual contact with the felines until they got tired and left, a tension that lasted practically 10 minutes. However, Britton Hayes acknowledged to the media that at that moment only the possibility of dying was going through his head and that after the already indelible anecdote he felt more euphoric and alive than ever. Despite the danger of the cheetah, the human being remains the deadliest of all living beings. Faced with the proliferation of hunting tourism and human intervention, the cheetah is still fighting for its survival as a species.

Possibly you know that cats, on cold days, can get to hide near the engine of cars to get some heat. It is advisable to give a few hits on the body to drive them away and not cause them damage when starting (and avoid breakdowns). But these cases that we are going to tell you have nothing to do with cats, but with snakes. Imagine that you get to your van, for example Volkswagen, and discover that a poisonous snake, specifically a real cobra, is in your glove compartment. Well, a Chinese driver has suffered this terrible experience. The reptile, in addition, was frightened and when the authorities arrived to take her he hid behind the dashboard, which made it difficult to get her out of hiding. Of course, the snake did not seem too happy to get out of there, much less like to end up with its bones in a cage. The animal was given to the department of preservation of wild fauna, whose responsible returned it to its natural environment.

There are animals that can give you the scare of your life, like finding a cheetah that sneaks into your car or a rhino you fool. In Taipei, a few years ago, a driver sold his car when he did not find the office that was inside. At least, he was lucky not to be driving the vehicle as it happened to this Australian, who saw how a black snake with a very venomous red belly slid down his vehicle. He kept calm and pulled her out with a broom. Be cautious.