Land Rover Defender 2020, first photos camouflaged and what we know so far

3 Jan


Since we said goodbye to the Land Rover Defender there has been a question that comes around our head: when will it return? It seems that the British brand already has the answer after having been working hard on this ambitious project. The Land Rover Defender 2020 will hit the market with the turn of the decade, although its presentation will take place in the second half of next 2019. It will also be present in markets where they had almost forgotten it in the United States and Canada.

This has been confirmed by Land Rover, which has also taken the opportunity to launch the first images of the Defender, although still in the prototype phase and totally camouflaged. The motive is not another one that starting from January will begin the intensive tests in road to guarantee the reliability of the model when it arrives at production. Celebrating their return to North America, they will take place there on all types of terrains and facing extreme temperatures.

Judging the images, you can’t draw too many conclusions. It seems that the new Land Rover Defender will maintain that classic and timeless design, with straight lines and resembling its predecessor, which barely changed in three decades. In the photos appears an example with a five-door body, which could correspond to version 110. Rumors also say that a Defender 90 could arrive with a three-door body and even a Defender 130 with an extended battle.

The British manufacturer is very excited about the launch of this very special model, which has been practically made from scratch. What is clear is that it will stay true to its philosophy and will be a true off-road capability within the reach of very few. At the moment there are few technical details, but it will be produced in the same factory as the Land Rover Discovery and could share some components with it. We are waiting to know more about the upcoming Land Rover Defender 2020.