Maybach or “Just Mercedes”: Select a Sedan that “represent”

26 Feb

Maybach S400 and Mercedes-Benz S500 are so much alike!

As it often happens, the main competitor of “baby Maybach” is standing next to him in Mercedes showrooms. Moreover, from the front it’s not so easy just to distinguish two limousines with the same emblem on the hood, but from the side the difference is seen better thanks to 20-cm gain in length of the wheelbase and additional window for “Maybach” rear doors.

Inside the latter is not only an unprecedented supply of space in the rear seats, and particularly luxurious finish, and on the move it has even more effective sound insulation. In technical terms all is virtually identical, because Maybach is only on a half hundredweight heavier than in comparable models: the same air suspension, identical power units, etc.

Only for the money they ask for a 333-hp six-cylinder Maybach S400, you can buy a Mercedes S500 with eight 455-strong “eight”, too, all-wheel drive, which accelerates to 100 km / h 1.3 seconds faster.

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Prices and Equipment

The difference in prices between the most affordable “Maybach” and S500 is small for vehicles of such level – 95 000 $. and 93 000 $ respectively. Starting grade is very similar: 18-inch wheels with tires RunFlat and pressure sensor, leather seats, multifunction steering wheel, climate control in the rear, adaptive LED headlights, the COMAND system with navigation and a full set of drives, including boot lid. True “S500” has no roof, like a “Maybach”, and the last in the database is devoid of driver’s seat memory position and the door closers.

Obviously, these features are designed to emphasize, that the charge here is the one who sits back, while on the usual “S” the owner is not shameful to get behind the wheel.


Why you give up things when you drive Mercedes?

However, all is fixable with options. For example, we can order the S500 Sport Collection package for 8000 dollars, which includes the same panoramic roof, along with exterior and interior trim in AMG style.

And for the $ 9,000 Comfort Package is offered, where is a heated steering wheel and front seats, electric rear and car valet. As for the “Maybach”, there is one package, it is called Business Summit and is neither more nor less 25 500 thousand dollars. But there are folding tables behind, and refrigerator, and all-sky cameras, and projection display, and multimedia system of VIP-passengers, and plenty of other amenities. If all of this together you can not afford, you can select individual items.


BMW 750Li is trying to overtake

The eternal rival S-Class has been updated, and is clearly based on Mercedes achievements. The result is logical: the perfect chassis, the most advanced electronics, fantastic comfort and all that. The new Bavarian “7” in the extended version of the L is closest to the “Maybach” for the length of the base, but reserves space behind. It is almost equivalent to the conventional “S”, as well as many other parameters.

Especially for us is actual its modification of the 750li with a turbocharged eight-cylinder engine, a direct analogue of the S500, which also has all-wheel drive and air suspension.

“Horses” at BMW are slightly less than the “Mercedes“, but the passport number accelerating dynamics is the best in the survey, and the economy is very good for such engine capacity. The main components of such efficiency is aerodynamic study of the body, the extensive use of aluminum in its construction and carbon-fiber, as well as a new eight-step “automatic machine” against the seven-step the “Mercedes“.



Looking for BMW – check

Prices and equipment

The starting price of the BMW 750Li is even just not up to our lower barrier – 91 000 dollars.

Packaging is very “tasty”: there is not only the “18 th” wheels with runflat tires, leather, light-emitting diodes, electric drives and everything else, like the “Mercedes”, but the dynamic cruise control, head-up display, wireless charging for smartphones and multimedia system with navigation and control function gestures. In addition, the buyer relies package BMW ConnectedDrive, which includes information on the traffic situation in real time, remote control machine and a concierge service.


So, to the cost base “Maybach” we are left with $ 3,500, which we can safely spend on options. It can be either thruster rear suspension, laser lights and the system of circular view or a panoramic roof and sound system Harman Kardon, a rear-seat luxury electric, ventilation and massage. Hatches and panoramic roof. The pros and cons

And you can just order the exclusive 20-inch wheel design,  shod in tires of different dimensions at the front and rear – and “surrender” is gone.