MINI Sharing, the first step in car sharing

14 May

Last year BMW Group celebrated its first centenary with three interesting prototypes and the idea that, in addition to being a manufacturer, its future happened to be a provider of premium mobility services. And this is where MINI Sharing, a new shared mobility system in which the owners of MINI (any model of the range manufactured after March 2018), can share their use (and their expenses, if desired) with MINI Sharing. Up to 10 people through an app. The MINI Sharing service is for the moment an experiment, which is launched in Madrid for the first time in the world.

How does MINI Sharing work?

First of all, we must bear in mind that this is the first version of the system, the 1.0 and MINI has chosen to create few rules and see how the user behaves before incorporating new features. It allows you to share your car with up to 10 people that by the initial characteristics of the service in the beginning should be from your circle of acquaintances. The system requires that you install a module in the car first of all. It is located in the glove compartment of the car and costs € 99 for the first three years. No factory is required you can mount it afterwards. It is a module that works with Bluetooth is what allows you to open and close the car from your mobile, in addition to Unlock the boot, a virtual key. First cars with it will be up and running in July. Then, the user downloads the application (for Apple superior to IOS 10 and Android 5.0), very intuitive and easy to use, to start inviting up to 10 friends and family members with their e-mail. The owner is the one who establishes the rules of use (such as returning clean, refueling or defining the place.

The guest driver

If someone invites you to share your MINI you will have to download the app as well. The first step is to select the day and time you want to use the car and reserve it. The owner will have to accept it and is the only one (obviously) who can decide dates when the car is not available. After the transfer of the car is approved, the driver is informed of the location of the car, as well as the fastest way to get there. Once next to the car, you can open it from the app and unlock the engine. After using it, the application establishes a cost of use (set at € 0.30 per kilometer and that the owner can’t change) and the driver can pay (via PayPal, the only means of payment at first) or not.

The doubts

If you have come this far, you may have questions, just like what happened to us during the presentation. The first: does insurance cover all this? You are right. In MINI, they have reached an agreement with Mapfre, which supports this initiative with a comprehensive insurance. The car also integrates a SIM card, but its function is not for the owner to know its location at all times (for that there is a MINI Connected application). As you can see, it is a starting point on which MINI is investigating new forms of mobility with its cars.