New Ford Fiesta 2017-2018: the most modern urban hatchback

2 Feb

A small urban hatch Ford Fiesta 2017-2018 in the new body was shown to the public in November last year (Cologne, Germany). The manufacturer presented its updated model in 4 versions at once, and also boasted the presence of the most advanced options and electronic systems.

In the spring of 2017, the American novelty began to be sold in the EU countries.
It should be noted that the model first appeared on the world market in 1972. During this time, more than 18 million people have become happy owners of a hatchback. Despite the fact that the model is already considered relatively new, Ford engineers are constantly improving it, thereby fueling public interest in the car.

Ford Fiesta 2017-2018. Specifications
The engine range of the car consists of the following engines:

– atmospheric petrol unit of 1.1 liters with power from 70 to 85 horses;
– 1.0-liter unit with EcoBust system with returns of 100, 125 and 140 “mares”;
– turbodiesel installation of 1.5 liters. Its power can be 85 or 120 horses.

There is a choice of manual transmission on 5 or 6 stages, or a robotic gearbox on 6 speeds. Also, any motor can be equipped with a system of quick start and stop of the motor, which significantly reduces fuel consumption. Thanks to the work of engineers and the use of modern materials, the rigidity of the car body has increased by 15%, which is an important detail in assessing the safety of the vehicle. The next Ford Focus ST could inherit the engine of the previous Focus RS

Sizes of Ford Fiesta 2017-2018 in a new body
The car will be offered in the three-door and five-door bodywork. Compared to the previous version, the dimensions have slightly increased. Now the length of the hatch is 4 m 4 cm, width – 1 m 73.4 cm, wheelbase – 2 m 49.4 cm.

Exterior design
After all the improvements, the urban hatchback is able to hit even the most capricious youth. Indeed, the exterior of the car turned out very modern and high quality.
The front part of the Ford Fiesta 2017-2018 in the new body is decorated with updated head optics, grille and bumper.
In the back there are marker lights that work on the LED elements, as well as a large bumper with reflectors. A small tailgate is topped with a spoiler. He does not weigh down the overall picture. From the side, the car looks no worse than the front. Looking at the profile you can see that all the lines are smooth and streamlined. The hood gently goes into the sloping windshield. The line, without interrupting, continues on the roof and passes into a small stern. Neat ribs are pressed on the doors, which only slightly underline the silhouette line and highlight large wheel arches for wheels with a diameter of 18 inches.


Salon of Ford Fiesta 2017-2018
The car’s interior has been modified almost beyond recognition. The various buttons, switches and toggle switches have changed the most. A multimedia complex with a touch display is installed in the center console. Its diagonal depends on the configuration from 6.5 to 8 inches. By the way, the system includes the following options:
– pairing system with smartphones that work on iOS and Android;
– voice recognition system;
– navigator;
– network access.

The image from the on-board computer is displayed on a large monitor with a diagonal of 4.2 inches. It has excellent picture quality. Also, engineers have installed and new wiper blades. Because of this, they began to clean a large area of ​​the windshield.
For the seats was chosen completely new fabric. It is of high strength and practically does not wipe. Also, the staff worked on the improvement of noise insulation. But the main highlight of the car was a set of various electronic assistants and assistants. The manufacturer has already submitted their detailed list.
– Cruise control;
– automatic parking system;
– blind spot monitoring system;
– the system that monitors the observance of the rows while driving;
– braking system, when pedestrians appear on the road;
– cameras;
– radar;
– sensors that protect the car not only from a head-on collision, but also from other incidents.


The cost of a compact hatchback of a new generation is around 14,000 euros or more, depending on the vehicle equipment level.