Nissan Armada 2018: a large SUV, especially for the United States

13 May

This car was created specifically for the American market to impose competition on their models. 2018-2019 Nissan Armada is differed by huge size – such as Americans love. Also, restyling brought here a lot of elements that make the car look more evil, the interior is even more comfortable, and the technical characteristics now resemble those of other large SUVs to the maximum.

The new model, as before, has several parts in its exterior, which are typical exactly for Nissan. One of these is also its typical face. Highly set, with a relief hood parallel to the ground, as well as a massive grille with huge chrome-plated inserts in the side portions. Near them is placed almost square optics, characterized by a good content of halogen or LEDs.

In the photo it is fashionable to see the new kit, which consists of three additional cutouts for cooling the engine and brakes. Central – the largest, has the shape of a trapezoid and ends with a metal element for protection. The side is much smaller and more square. Fog lighting is located inside them. But on the side, the new body is made more in a representative style – a minimum of relief, a maximum of brevity and rigor. From the new parts here you can see decorative gills over the front wings, chrome mirrors of large size and a completely reworked threshold, also painted in chrome. Making the rear bumper is different from what can be seen in other SUVs.


The car boasts not only a bright appearance, but also a rich interior decoration. The new Nissan Armada 2018 model year has a beautiful interior, decorated with leather and wood, as well as having a huge set of options.

The center console is quite massive. It includes a large multimedia screen surrounded by deflectors, a panel with climate system settings, and a bunch of buttons to regulate the operation of all other functions of the car. Nissan Armada 2017-2018 – A Car That Resembles Infinity, But Is Only Much Cheaper


The tunnel looks just perfect – completely wooden, with a chrome perimeter. It managed to accommodate a lot of useful things: a few holes for personal items and glasses, a panel with transmission settings, suspension, seat adjustments, as well as a very impressive armrest, under which is another roomy glove box.

Slightly inferior in equipping the rest of the steering wheel, which, although it looks neat, can do little. Here are only control over the most necessary options – audio, cruise control and lighting. With the instrument panel, things are much better. He is just huge here and contains a bunch of useful sensors, including a speedometer, a tachometer, monitoring the temperature of the oil, its pressure and others. The central place is reserved for the onboard computer.

A large amount of attention in the car is given to comfort. It is expressed in the chairs. These are very comfortable and high-quality seat mats, made of excellent leather, filled with very soft material, having excellent lateral support and a set of all the most essential options for a comfortable journey. The first row boasts electric adjustments, heating, as well as ventilation in a more expensive configuration. For the second row, there is a separate multimedia system of two monitors built into the backs of the front seats, its own tunnel with cup holders and other useful functions, as well as climate control.

Since the 2018-2019 Nissan Armada will be supplied to the US market, it was equipped with a huge powerful engine. That was the gasoline 5.6-liter unit, issuing as much as 390 horsepower. Paired with all-wheel drive and a seven-speed automatic, this unit is capable of accelerating the car to a hundred on the speedometer in just 8 seconds. But, as shown by many test drives, fuel consumption will please not all – at least 15 liters.


Configuration and prices

Nissan Armada 2018 is equipped with the most modern options that you can think of. This climate control for three zones, adaptive cruise, excellent multimedia, heating and ventilation of all seats, parking assistants, monitoring of blind zones and others – all this can be found in this car, the price of which starts from 75 thousand dollars, and the top will cost 10 thousand more.