Ready to pay more, be prepared for more comfort and a wider choice of equipment with Toyota RAV4 2017. But if you are more limited in finances – Ford Fiesta 2017 was born to make you happy

1 Oct

So, we continue the compare characteristics of one of the most popular cars Ford Fiesta 2017 and Toyota RAV4 2017.


It is no secret that the final version of the interior depends only on the wishes of the buyer and his own financial capabilities. The 2016-2017 Toyota RAV4 model year comes in the following trim levels: Classic, Standart, Comfort, Elegance, Prestige and Prestige Safety. The last two of them relate to the premium level – as usual, it is possible to purchase both “simpler” content and the most complete and advanced one. Toyota RAV4 and the evolution of the SUV in Europe (Part 2)

Even the simplest, basic equipment RAV4 looks decent and includes: an adjustable steering column and a multi-function steering wheel, fog lights, headlight washer, air conditioning and heating, heated seats, nine airbags, electric and heated outside mirrors, USB outputs.


The range of Toyota powertrains is as follows:

The simplest option is a two-liter petrol engine with a capacity of 146 hp, six-speed mechanics, a choice of all-wheel drive and a continuously variable variator is possible.

The 2.5-liter engine with a six-speed automatic transmission, the total power – 180 hp, four-wheel drive. The most powerful option of the listed ones is gaining 100 kilometers on a speedometer in quite good 9.2 seconds.

A 2.2-liter diesel engine, four-wheel drive, 150 “horses” and a six-speed manual gearbox.

The hybrid engine, also provided for this model, will probably not reach us. It’s a pity, as the model is also very interesting: it is equipped with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine in combination with an electric motor. The total power of both engines is 190 hp, and fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is less than 4.5 liters.

Specifications Ford Fiesta 2017-2018 in a new body

The line of engines of the new generation Ford Fiesta consists of the following units:


1.1-liter gasoline “aspirated” with a return of 70 or 85 h.p..;

1.0-liter EcoBoost with 100, 125 and 140 h.p..;

1.5-liter turbodiesel TDCi with a capacity of 85 or 120 h.p..

All gasoline engines have a three-cylinder design, the diesel unit is equipped with four cylinders. Transmissions – 5 and 6-speed “mechanics”, as well as a 6-band “robot” Powershift with paddle shifters. All engines are equipped with a Start / Stop system that contributes to fuel economy. New Ford Fiesta 2017-2018: the most modern urban hatchback


The car body after modernization has become tougher by 15%. The track has expanded: the front – by 30 mm, the rear – by 10 mm. The suspension received new silent blocks, an oversized torsion beam was installed at the rear. All of the above measures contributed to improving the controllability of the car and at the same time reducing the noise of the chassis when processing uneven roads. Modifications with engines with a capacity of more than 100 h.p. equipped with rear disc brakes.

At first glance, the conclusion can be drawn as follows: ready to pay more, be prepared for more comfort and a wider choice of equipment. This is all about Toyota RAV4 2017. Of course, it cannot be stated unequivocally that a higher price always determines much better quality. But in this case it is a fact.

But if you are more limited in finances – Ford Fiesta 2017 is just a wonderful car!