Restyled crossover 2018-2019 Land Rover Range Rover joined the line of new products of the British company

3 Dec

The current planned upgrade was the first for the car since the release of the 4th generation model, which debuted about five years ago. Update SUV passed according to the scheme, which has already been tested on the younger “fellow” Range Rover Sport, shown just the other day. The larger and more representative Range, by analogy with the Sport, retouched the bumper, modified the head optics, improved the instrumentation and equipment, set off a hybrid power plant.

External metamorphosis
Changes in the body design of the new Range Rover are local in nature and do not affect the basics of the concept used. So, the novelty acquired a different grille with a coarse mesh and glossy black Gloss Black edging, a corrected front bumper with more developed lateral air intakes, new headlamps in four available optics formats, retouched by a rear bumper with integrated exhaust pipe fittings, new light bulbs, retractable rear bumper with integrated exhaust nozzles, new light bulbs, and retrofitted rear bumper with integrated exhaust nozzles, new light bulbs, and all the exhaust lights with integrated headlights, integrated headlights, exhaust pipes, integrated new exhaust headlamps, and new exhaust headlights. Mercado Norteamericano Ofrece Land Rover Range Rover Sport de 2008 para los Compradores de Chile
The main innovation, of course, is to recognize the modernized lighting technology, providing for as many as four versions:

Matrix LED;

The number of LEDs, depending on the configuration, varies from 24 to 144 pieces, and the most sophisticated optics Pixel-Laser High Beam assumes the presence of four additional lasers. They allow you to increase the range of the glow up to 500 meters, which should not cause discomfort to the drivers of oncoming cars, since the intelligent light control system, when detected, automatically mutes certain sections, thereby eliminating blinding.
The developers have provided buyers with the opportunity to individualize the exterior decor of their Land Rover Range Rover as much as possible. For this, a rich palette of body enamels (32 colors), two design options for inserts on the sides and ducts on the bumper (you can choose between Satin Body-Colored and Atlas Accent Finish shades), two additional design packages Black Exterior Pack and Shadow Exterior Pack ( the first paints individual exterior details in Narvik Black color, the second – in Shadow Atlas color). In addition, the updated model has a wide range of alloy wheels from 19 to 22 inches in size, including six brand new ones with Rossello Red or Byron Blue coating.

Interior architecture and equipment of Range Rover
The interior of the surviving restyling Range Rover is an advanced electronic system, exemplary ergonomics and the highest level of finish. At the same time, innovations compared to the pre-reform machine are more than enough. This is a multifunctional steering wheel of a new format with touch panels, a new virtual instrument cluster for 12 inches, and an advanced multimedia system with two 10-inch screens, and a color projection display with a diagonal increased to 10 inches.
Let us focus separately on the information display scheme of the multimedia complex Touch Pro Duo. The use of two interconnected touch screens made it possible to split the data into two logical blocks, making the user interface more convenient and intuitive. The upper display is used to output multimedia, images from rear-view cameras and navigation maps, while the lower one allows you to control the settings of the air conditioner, the seats and the Terrain Response system. Interestingly, the manufacturer did not completely abandon the physical switches, placing three round regulators at the bottom. Central is responsible for the volume of the audio system, two side – for climate control, setting up the seats and the chassis.

Owners of the new Land Rover Range Rover should appreciate the new front seats of the SUV, which received a different frame and a different padding. Of course, the seats rely electric drive, heating, ventilation and massage functions. The number of directions of adjustment depends on the configuration – options with 16th, 20th and 24th settings are available, the armrest is heated as a bonus.

The most comfortable seats in the second row can boast of long-base versions of the model in the top trim levels. For them, separate chairs were prepared with tilting backrests (deflected at an angle of up to 40 degrees), 25 massage programs (including the “hot stones” mode), 8 directions of head restraint adjustment, heated footrests. The console located between the seats is able to stay in a folded or unfolded state, and the electric drive is responsible for changing the position. The console is configured in such a way that there is a gap between it and the front-mounted function button block, which allows you to change seats from one seat to another and exit from either side of the car.

The settings of the rear seats can be controlled both with the help of keypads on the doors and from the smartphone. To set the most comfortable position of the seats allows you to press just one button, automatically moving the front seat forward, setting the optimum backrest angle and pushing the footrest. In addition to all of the above-mentioned amenities, which is called “for the body,” the passengers behind it can also count on having an infotainment system with two 10-inch tablets. Also at the disposal of the riders will be a pair of 12 V sockets, USB ports and HDMI. In total, the cabin has up to 18 points of connection of external devices.