Rumors about a possible Honda e Type R, the sports version of the electric

1 Feb


The Honda e is one of the cars that has stirred up the most in its presentation. The small production electric arrived after that first Honda Urban EV prototype and its logical evolution towards the Honda and Prototype, which maintained that striking retro design. Now that it is close to its arrival in the markets, it is already rumored about possible future versions. The most attractive could be the Honda e Type R, the sports variant that would improve performance and behavior.

Takahiro Shinya, responsible for major projects in the brand, made some disturbing statements recently. He made it clear that “the new platform, the engine and the tires can withstand more”, leaving the door open to a more performance version of the model. He also said that internally they love their Type R brand and that they would make a sports version of each model, but what matters is what the customer wants.

That could be translated into that they will only do a Honda and Type R if they believe that there will be sufficient demand from the public. The base model has the potential to support it and the brand’s engineers have the enthusiasm to carry it out, only sales would be lacking. It is nothing crazy that in the future the current utility / compact sports are leaving their combustion engines to embrace electrification.

Although there are still none on the market, there are few manufacturers who are flirting with this concept. We have talked about a possible Renault Zoe RS, a Peugeot 208 GTI electric, a Nissan Leaf with double engine; as soon as there will be a certain ban that we will begin to see more of these electric copies with a sporty look. The case of the Honda e Type R would be quite attractive thanks to that distribution of weights or the dynamic vocation that the original model already has.