Save Today: How Does the State Promote the Purchase of Hybrids in Different Countries or one more reason for buying electric cars

29 Feb

Motors on hybrids can save your money  at a gas station. Is it really worth it – to buy such an expensive gasoline-wagon? In fact, in the US, Japan, China and some European countries there is a whole range of tax benefits and other bonuses from the state if you buy a hybrid. Let’s find out all the advantages of this purchase.

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We proceed to the review of benefits. They are very significant, it must be said.


It would be logical to start with an overview of the country, which is one of the most active and interested in promoting of eco-efficient vehicles. United States – here, since the nineties is promoted the theme of reducing emissions into the atmosphere by using a combination of internal combustion engine and an electric motor.

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So, in 2005, the new Energy Policy Act brought significant discounts for buyers of hybrids. On the new vehicles, purchased after 31 December 2005, it was possible to obtain a differentiated tax deduction (depending on the model), the maximum size of which amounted to $ 3 400.

The only limitation was the amount of cars that are covered by the privilege – only the first 60 000 for each automaker. The purpose of introducing a limit was to put all on the same footing as the clear leader in this segment were the Japanese, namely Toyota, which could get much greater benefit than others. Limit allowed others to offer their hybrid solutions at a better price, especially when leaders reached their limit on benefits. Expected Toyota (and Lexus) were the first who got 60,000 “points” – they went out of the game in 2007. In 2009 they were joined by Honda, and by 2010, they caught up with Ford.


By this time the initiative, signed by George W. Bush in 2005, has exhausted itself, and the government has shifted to the next technological step – from HEV to the PHEV, ie from simple hybrids to plug-in models that can be charged from the power outlet and use for some time exclusively electric mode.

Such autos are, of course, even more energy efficient, especially when you consider that for many drivers the average daily mileage is not more than 20-30 kilometers, which is well within the modest possibility of such feeble “electric car.”

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And if we add to this the fact that the night electricity rates are well below the daily, we get a completely new option of using the purchased hybrid: you loaded it “on the cheap” at night, I went to work and back, then put it in the garage again charged in anticipation of tomorrow trip.

Another pleasing fact was that, according to the new initiatives, tax deductions have become quite significant, being tied now to the terms established in the battery car: from the “wretched” $ 2 500 for a model with a battery of 4 kW / h to 7 500 dollars per battery of 16 kW / h. By the way, not only buying of new cars are welcome, but also the conversion of existing ones – if the car owner will convert your gasoline instance in electric or plug-in hybrid, the state will welcome him as much as 10% of the amount spent on it.

Agree: to obtain compensation in the amount of $ 7 500  buying BMW i3 or Chevrolet Volt – is already a much more attractive offer. Find out everything about




It is good to joke, but, for example, for the BMW i3 which price is around $ 46 250 – compensation is 16% of the car price. And for the Chevrolet Volt, whose list price starts at $ 34 170, and it is 22%! Agree, it’s nice to buy a car not for $ 34 170 and over 26 670, and you don’t have to do anything for this, but still receive other benefits, which vary from state to state and may include as additional discounts on the purchase and preferential insurance tax.


In the Land of the Rising Sun from the 90’s of the last century, when buying a car running on electricity, natural gas, methanol or a hybrid power plant the car owner can count on a significant easing in the associated incremental costs, up to 50%.


Progress is moving forward. So, for 2009-2010 years were introduced subsidies for the purchase of a new eco-friendly-cars, which accounted for 1 100 dollars by simply purchasing and they reached 2700 with concomitant recycling of vehicle aged 13 years or older. When buying a truck or bus you can save even more significant amount – from 4300 to 19 000 dollars. Find out why Americans love huge trucks

Not surprisingly, by 2012 Japan was in the second place in the world in terms of sales of hybrids and electric cars, behind only the US. For example, Toyota Prius PHV to the end of 2014, has sold more than 19 thousand copies, which is undoubtedly a good result. But it is only one model of a fairly wide range of hybrids offered in this market.


Here sales do not consist of the usual Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Volt, in the plans is global leadership. So unconditional sales characters are only Chinese, except for that magnificent Tesla Model S: BYD Qin, Kandi EV, Chery QQ3 EV, BAIC E150 EV, Zotye Zhidou E20, BYD e6 … the list goes on for a long time, these names will not tell you anything. Chinese people can be trusted. If they do not lead, that place in the top five they currently provide exactly.

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Germany has also very ambitious plans – to bring to the streets a million electric cars by 2020. However, hybrids here are not particularly in favor, except that the plug – they, like electric vehicles are exempt from road tax for the first five years of operation, but, unlike them, are no longer subsidized by the sale. Put yourself check it here – only on Tesla Model S, and the BMW i8 is not “privileged gentleman.” there.

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Here, purchase of a hybrid is still encouraged, and thoroughly – you can get up to 4000 euro “as a gift”, and for the electric – all 6 300 euros. And in April this year there was an additional “super bonus” – 3 700 euros when changing the old diesel “smokehouse” to the new gasoline-electric or equivalent.

United Kingdom

In this glorious island country  there is a special subsidy for the purchase of hybrids, which accounted for 25% of its value, but not more than 5 000 pounds, and has grown to 35% this year (maximum remained unchanged). There is an approved list of models that are awarded the rights to such a discount, and in addition, they also have the right to unrestricted and free entry to the center of London, that for conventional gasoline cars is unheard chic.


Here besides the prize in 9000 euros from the government, buyers of HEV and PHEV can also park for free at any parking that you enjoy (except of private, of course). Going to Europe – be ready to have difficulties with parking