Seriously, Volvo will limit the maximum speed of all its cars to 180 km/h from 2020

5 Mar


Volvo is a brand that has always wanted to stand out for safety. We owe Swedes the patent for the seatbelt, an element that has saved millions of lives since its inception. Now we come with a decision that is sure to raise much controversy among his followers. The manufacturer has just said that it will limit the maximum speed of all its cars to 180 km / h as of next year 2020.

Volvo continues with this somewhat utopian goal to ensure that there are no deaths at the wheel of their cars for next year with its ‘Vision 2020’. To achieve this, they have always been contributing new technologies and systems, but it seems that it is not enough. And since they can’t enter into the minds of their users and force them to have a civic behavior, they decide to lower the maximum speed of their cars so that they can’t put their lives in danger.

During an investigation, the brand identifies some security breaches that are a key to achieving its goal of no deaths or serious injuries. Speeding is one of them and Volvo believes that although “limitation is not a panacea, it is worth doing if they save a single life”. They also work in an intelligent speed control that does not allow go beyond certain limits in points such as schools or hospitals.

Although this can be conceived as a prohibition (its restrictive nature is clear), Volvo still thinks that it is more important to educate the driver and make him see the danger of exceeding the speed limits. In addition, to the problem of speed the brand identifies others such as the consumption of alcohol and drugs (it is not unreasonable some system that prohibits even start the car being under the effects) or distractions (who knows if some type of inhibitor for mobile). With this measure to limit the maximum speed of all its cars to 180 km / h, Volvo is ahead of the European Union, which already had that measure in mind. We probably end up seeing such a global ban within a very short time.