Seven tips for driving in the autumn safely

9 Oct


We want to give you some tips to drive in the autumn safely and thus ensure safe driving during the autumn months, although in a short time winter will be over. And there is no matter what car you drive – Volvo, Mazda, Audi, etc.

Tuning the car

Before starting the route, you should check that your car is in optimal conditions:

Check the good mechanical condition and especially the brakes.

Check the wiper blades and operation.

Check the vehicle’s lighting system and its settings. Review how the lights are and when they should be used.

Check the oil, brake fluid and windscreen wiper levels.

Clean the vehicle, glass, headlights, fog, pilots, mirrors and reflective elements to see and be seen.

Check the pressure, drawing and grooves (minimum 1.6 mm) of the tires to ensure good grip to the road and prevent slippage.

Take the essential spare parts such as: spare wheel to the necessary pressure and tools for its placement, reflective vest duly approved and two triangles approved hazard signaling.


The faster you drive, especially on wet and slippery roads, the more time you need to stop the vehicle. Doubling the speed of your car can almost quadruple the amount of time needed to stop safely.

Seat belt

The use of the safety belt saves around 100,000 lives a year. In addition, it is the best protection against an injury in a sudden stop, sudden emergency maneuver or a traffic accident. Apart from wearing the belt, make sure that the rest of the passengers wear it too. Do you know who pays in case of traveling without a belt?


Forget about the phone

One of the biggest distractions when driving is using the mobile phone. Although in reality it is a danger in summer, winter, spring and autumn, but from here we invite you to prudence.

Beware of animals

Animal run-offs are significantly higher during the fall season. Specifically, they occur at dawn and dusk, and the problem is that most accidents occur because drivers try to dodge the animal too late and at inadequate speed.

Weather forecasts

The first thing we must do before leaving home if we want to undertake a considerable journey is to look at the weather forecasts. Autumn is a very beautiful season, but also very unstable in terms of weather conditions. You can be lucky and have sunny days and nice temperatures, but you could also face a trip in the intense rain or in the fog. If you are going to make bad weather and you can change your trip date, do it.

Beware of leaves

This may seem silly but dry leaves can create dangers, more so if they are wet, as it could cause aquaplaning, so be careful. To avoid aquaplaning:

When driving excessively fast, aquaplaning is more likely to occur.

Lower speeds when you have to wait for large puddles of water.

Drive where the preceding vehicles drive.

To avoid collisions, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.