Smart forease +, the convertible prototype that adores its hood

6 Mar


We already know that, this same year, smart will abandon combustion engines forever. And to commemorate it, it presents at the Geneva Motor Show a prototype, the Smart forease + (made on the basis of the fortwo cabrio EQ) that aims to demonstrate that electrification is not synonymous with boredom.

Yes, we had heard this before with the Smart forease, another prototype that bet on minimalism, but it was not convertible. The Smart forease + has a rigid hood, covered by a textile that gives it a very curious image. This hood is removable and fits in two recesses located in the back, with a distinctive “+ push”.

It also calls much attention that has been dispensed with side windows and has an open back, plus a shortened windshield with a kind of visor or parasol, a detail that the designers of the brand had already used in other prototypes previously as the Smart forstars (2012) and the Smart fourjoy (2013). It has also been chosen because the front lenses are not covered by a glass dome. In this way, the three LED elements that make them up are better seen, behind optics with this technology, in the form of a diamond, although here they are protected by a crystal.


Striking also the rims, which seek to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and that match very well with the matt color of the body and the orange that is used in the roof and inside, nappa leather, the same material (but in black) with which the seats or the central panels of the doors have been covered. The steering wheel will not be comfortable when used, but it is certainly very polished, especially when you know that it is coated with anthracite colored microfiber. Will it happen? We do not believe, but without a doubt some of these details that we have been breaking down are being tested to be, someday, taken to the Smart assembly line.